Mishael Morgan stars as “Hilary” on “The Young and The Restless.”

Brooke asked Katie if Ridge was seeing another woman. With the assistance of Pam and Charlie, Liam determined the exact location of where Hope and Wyatt were camping. Brooke made another attempt to get Bill to work on his relationship with Katie. In return, Bill tried to get Brooke to give up on her desire to have a perfect future with Ridge. Pam told Rick about Wyatt’s publicity stunt. Bill was thrilled when Justin was able to find some damning information about Ridge. Katie had a hard time focusing on her lunch with Caroline after seeing Brooke dining with Ridge. Wyatt tried to win Hope back after she found out about his deception. Wait to See: Brooke learns what Ridge really did in Paris.

EJ warned Sami that things must change between them — one way or another. JJ scrambled to throw Theresa off track. Kate found herself in a sticky situation. A fed-up Maggie told Brady that she couldn’t be his sponsor any longer. Hope had another tense meeting with Aiden. Daniel and Nicole worked together to clear Eric’s name. Meanwhile, Eric did some major soul-searching. JJ worried that Theresa wouldn’t take the bait. Rafe was furious to learn about the latest development in Gabi’s life. Daniel and Nicole decided to hunt down Dr. Chyka together. Jordan came to Rafe’s aid during a tense encounter. Victor wound up in the middle of Maggie and Brady’s dispute. Wait to See: Nicole and Daniel find themselves in danger.

Olivia asked Sonny if he was going to retaliate regarding Morgan’s betrayal. Lucy’s secret weighed upon Felicia. Julian relayed shocking news to Anna. Lulu told Nathan that she walked out on Dante. Julian pressured Ava about Silas. Kevin’s patient (guest star Chandra Wilson from “Grey’s Anatomy”) saw an unfamiliar nurse. Carly tried to use her kidnapper, Heather, to her advantage. Franco and Silas compared notes while in jail together. Kiki visited the Miscavige Institute. Tracy demanded that Anna open a missing person’s case on Luke. Victor Cassadine returned to Port Charles with some scandalous news. Anna blindsided Luke. Wait to See: Lucas has a surprising announcement for Julian.

Kevin learned of a witness in Delia’s hit-and-run case. Kyle told Victor that he was resigning from the company. Nikki’s worst nightmare came true when Ian said that he was staying in Genoa City. Chloe was curious as to why Chelsea and Adam were in such a hurry to move to Paris. Sharon told Nick that she was having fewer visions of Cassie. Devon asked Hilary to help plan the event to honor Delia. Michael told Lauren not to tell the police about the latest secret gift she received. Fen made Summer promise not to take energy pills ever again. Dylan shut out Ian’s attempts to tell his side of the story. Lily was irked by Hilary’s presence on the event committee. Wait to See: Billy and Jill are reunited.

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