Dearborn bolsters services with new approaches

Photo courtesy of the city of Dearborn
At a ceremony in August, Dearborn and Melvindale officials joined Mayor John O’Reilly Jr. (front row right) and Melvindale Mayor Stacy Striz (front row second from left) to mark the signing of the agreement consolidating the two fire departments.

DEARBORN – The city continues its commitment to investing taxpayers’ money in innovative ways, so that despite financial challenges, it can still provide superior services.

In 2013, under direction from Mayor John O’Reilly Jr., and with support from the City Council, Dearborn completed a shared services initiative with the Melvindale Fire Department.

This consolidation will provide for even better emergency response in both Melvindale and Dearborn, as well as set the foundation for significant savings moving forward.

At the time of signing the agreement, O’Reilly said: “In these economic times, we must look at how we can deliver the best service to our customers in the most cost-effective way. I know change is hard, but in the case residents in both communities will benefit.”

The 14 firefighters previously Melvindale employees became part of the Dearborn department. They continue to be assigned to the station in Melvindale, but can respond to calls in either city. The Melvindale station is closer to some southwest Dearborn neighborhoods than firehouses in Dearborn.

This merger follows other agreements that encourage sharing services. Dearborn and Dearborn Heights renewed the contract that allows residents in both cities to check out materials in libraries in either city. Dearborn continues to provide technical support for Dearborn Heights’ computer operations.

Dearborn also strengthened its recreation resources through the use of grants funded by the Wayne County Parks Millage. Among the most notable additions were new spray-park elements at Dunworth Pool at Levagood Park.

The grants were obtained through the efforts of Wayne County Commissioner Gary Woronchak and the Dearborn Recreation and Parks Department.