1. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: Who designed the Statue of Liberty?
2. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What is a beaver’s home called?
3. LANGUAGE: In the international phonetic alphabet, what word represents the letter “Y”?
4. MONEY: What is the basic currency of Poland?
5. GEOGRAPHY: What nation is Baffin Island a part of?
6. TELEVISION: Who was Steve McGarrett’s nemesis in the series “Hawaii Five-O”?
7. HISTORY: Who was the first postmaster general appointed by America’s Continental Congress?
8. MOVIES: Which two comedians starred as friends in the movie “Stripes”?
9. MEDICINE: What is trepanning?
10. SCIENCE: How fast do hummingbirds’ wings move?

1. Frederic Bartholdi
2. A lodge
3. Yankee
4. Zloty
5. Canada
6. Wo Fat
7. Benjamin Franklin
8. Bill Murray and Harold Ramis
9. Cutting a hole in the skull to relieve pressure
10. Their wings flap between 12 and 80 times a second.

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