David Tom stars as “Billy” on “The Young and The Restless.”

Ridge expressed his disappointment after learning that Brooke had spent the past year in a relationship with Bill Spencer. Despite having the holiday blues, Katie contemplated forgiving Brooke. Bill attempted to make Brooke realize that Ridge was not the man for her. Carter put his law books aside for the day and joined Maya in a sexy photo shoot. Quinn and Donna competed in a power play over who had more pull at Forrester Creations. Liam confronted Quinn for throwing a wrench in his wedding to Hope. Wyatt attempted to lift Hope’s spirits by showing her his favorite Hawaiian haunts and traditions. Wait to See: Katie makes a final decision.

Daniel accused Brady of relapsing on drugs. Will refused to keep the secret about Nick. JJ schemed to undermine Jennifer’s date with Liam. On New Year’s Eve, Sami and EJ worked together to help Sonny. Jennifer called JJ out on his manipulative tactics. EJ gave Sami an ultimatum about their future. Will was rattled when he ran into someone unexpected at the river. Gabi was freaked out by Abigail’s message from beyond the grave. Kate plotted Jordan’s downfall as she watched her and Rafe growing closer. Daniel and Nicole saved Brady from a dangerous situation. Sami demanded that EJ finally come clean about Kristen. Gabi sought EJ’s help as Abigail got closer to uncovering the truth. Wait to See: Marlena has an unexpected message for Nicole.

The finally reunited Patrick and Robin rang in the new year together. A fearful Shawn tried to convince TJ not to talk to the police. Julian’s trust in Morgan and TJ began to wane. Silas continued to feel the pressure from Detective West. Nathan told a suspicious Anna why he moved to Port Charles. Later, Silas received a visit from Nathan. Franco panicked when he thought he saw Heather. Ava and Carly got into a nasty argument. Julian refused to let Morgan out of the business. Sonny urged Shawn to get TJ far away from the danger of Port Charles. Sam was left in a state of shock after Nathan’s visit. Heather was out for blood. Wait to See: Franco searches for a missing Carly.

Billy was amazed that Chelsea was able to forgive Adam so quickly. Kevin and Chloe grew closer while remembering little Chloe over the holiday season. Jill was shocked to find the music box wrapped under the Christmas tree. Courtney felt uncomfortable when Noah said that he wanted to meet her family. Billy consoled Kelly after finding her crying in the park. Meanwhile, Victoria’s flight got canceled and she arrived home early looking for Billy. Nikki warned Dylan to beware of what he might find when searching for his father. Traci and Ashley urged Jack to start 2014 with a fresh start and perhaps a romance. Sharon met Stitch for the first time. Wait to See: Dylan meets Ian’s wife.

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