3 escape after holding man at gunpoint in his own house

Sunday Times Newspapers

WYANDOTTE — Two men returned to a residence in the 1000 block of 6th Street after buying cigarettes and found three men inside the house Dec. 14.

One of the men escaped and called police about 11:30 p.m., but the other man was held at gunpoint inside the house. The man who escaped and called police said the two drove to the Circle K, 540 Goddard, to buy cigarettes, returned to the house, and were confronted by three men as they tried to enter the house.

He told police he was a few feet behind his friend and fled when the men appeared. Police made contact with him a few blocks away from the house and instructed him to call his friend. The calls were sent to voicemail several times, police said, before he was able to make contact.

Officers were taken to the house and began to interview the second man. He told police he left the front door unlocked because he did not have a key to the residence and assumed they would not be gone long. The two men were gone about 15 minutes, he said, but the front door was locked and another door was cracked when they returned to the house.

The man told police he tried to open the second door, but met some resistance. Three men emerged from inside the house, he said, and one pointed a handgun in his face, asked, “Where’s my money?” and yelled at the two men to get on the floor or they would be harmed.

At that point, both men tried to turn and run, police said, but the second man was grabbed by one of the attackers, punched in the face several times in the face, and pulled back into the house. He told the attackers he knew nothing about any money and they ran out of the house. He told police they ran east from the house, then north through an alley, but couldn’t provide any additional information.

Police said the man’s nose and mouth were bloody from the assault, but he refused medical attention at the time of the incident. Officers searched the house and said both bedrooms had been ransacked and there were footprints in the snow going north, from the house, to a nearby lot. It was believed the three men entered a vehicle, police said, and fled the area.

A description of the three men was given to police. The man with the handgun was described as a black man, in his early 20s, with corn rows. The other two men were described wearing ski masks, but no physical description was given. One was believed to be white.

A vehicle traveling east on Goddard was stopped near the time of the call, but police said it was not related to the incident and the driver was delivering newspapers in the area. Police were also dispatched to Lindbergh, south of Goddard, to search for the white man involved in the alleged burglary.

A video game system, a tablet computer, and several video games were reported missing from the living room at the time of the police report. The men said they would update police of any other missing items after they looked through the rest of the house.

The man who was held at gunpoint lived at the residence with his mother, police said, but she was not at home when the incident occurred. He told police she was staying the night at his sister’s house in Lincoln Park.

The man also said he recently sold his vehicle to someone and believed that individual was responsible in some way. He provided police with a phone number for the individual and said the two went to high school together and fits the age range of the attackers.

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