Woman attacks neighbor with shovel over fence

Sunday Times Newspapers

WYANDOTTE — A 48-year-old woman fed up with her gate left open was arrested and charged with attacking her neighbor with a shovel Dec. 14.

Police said the assault call was received around 9 a.m. in the 1800 block of Lindbergh. When officers arrived at the duplex, a man was laying on top of the woman and both got up when they approached.

Officers separated and questioned them about the incident. The man told police he was warming up his car when the woman ran out of her apartment with the shovel and started yelling about the gate being left open.

He said she got close, began to swing the shovel at him, and hit him on the hand and mouth. He said she swung the shovel at him two more times, which he blocked, before he was able to take control of the shovel and throw her to the ground.

He told police he began to hold her down and said he was going to do so until police arrived. The man’s girlfriend and girlfriend’s 6-year-old son witnessed the event. His pinky finger was bleeding, police said, and he possibly had a chipped tooth.

When asked, his girlfriend said she was in the driver’s seat of the vehicle when she saw the woman run out of the duplex with the shovel. The girlfriend told police she tried to warn her boyfriend as the neighbor passed through the gate. She said that was when the woman hit the man with the shovel and the fight began.

The man was released at the scene, but police followed up with him over the phone and were told he probably was not going to go to the hospital because he was at work.

The woman was arrested for the assault and was taken to the Police Department to be processed. Police interviewed the woman at the station and she waved her Miranda rights.

While speaking to police, she admitted to the officers that she swung the shovel at the man, but denied the shovel ever made contact with him. She told police she lives in the duplex, below the couple, and had issues with them leaving the outside gate open.

The woman has a dog, police said, that she does not want to get off the property and became frustrated with them because she requested they close the gate, to no avail. When she saw the man’s girlfriend outside cleaning the snow off their vehicle, the woman said she approached her about the gate being open.

She told police the girlfriend told her that the boyfriend would “be down in a minute so ask him,” and went back inside. The woman started looking out the window for him, she said, then ran out and grabbed the shovel as soon as he got outside. She began to swing the shovel at him, police said, but she thought she didn’t hit him with it and he injured himself when he attempted to gain control of the shovel.

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