Teresa Castillo stars as “Sabrina” in “General Hospital.”

All of Eric’s children (Ridge, Thorne, Felicia and Kristen) came home for the holidays. Liam was surprised when Brooke said that she agreed with her daughter’s decision to call off the wedding. Meanwhile, Hope ran off to Hawaii with Wyatt. Quinn bragged to Donna that she was getting her job back at Forrester Creations. Eric had a somber Christmas, paying tribute to Stephanie’s memory. Ridge and Brooke were reunited with their son, RJ, for the holidays. Rick and Caroline celebrated their first Christmas together as husband and wife. Liam told Brooke about how Quinn sabotaged his relationship with Hope again. Brooke found the courage to tell Ridge about her affair with Bill. Wait to See: Carter and Maya model for a photo shoot.

The Hortons celebrated Christmas by hanging up their family ornaments. Gabi realized that Julie might pose a threat to her future. Victor paid Eric an unexpected visit. Brady tried to deter Maggie from moving back in to the mansion. Theresa conspired with Anne so that she could “rescue” Daniel. Abigail was thrown by JJ’s sudden change in attitude. Jordan was conflicted when Rafe sent her a surprise Christmas gift. Nicole and Eric were thrown into a situation that reminded them of when they first fell in love. EJ took Sami to the woods, where she had a terrifying experience. Wait to See: Daniel makes a stunning

A wounded Carlos begged Sabrina not to turn him in to the police. Sonny covered for Morgan and said that the bullet that hit Max was the result of an accident. AJ fell off the wagon again after a confrontation with Ava. Sabrina began feeling nauseous, but chalked it up to stress. Silas contemplated whether or not to tell Sam about his dark past. Lulu decided to try to pursue in-vitro fertilization. Maxie received a visit from a handsome stranger before leaving on her journey to find herself. Monica was furious to learn that Silas was the top candidate to replace her as chief of staff at the hospital. Felix urged Sabrina to take a home pregnancy test. Wait to See: Britt considers telling Dante the truth.

Friends and family gathered at The Underground to celebrate Summer’s birthday. Victor warned Nick not to allow Sharon back into his life. Paul obtained the suit that Fen was wearing the night that Carmine died, believing that it could put Fen at the scene of the crime. Leslie struggled with the idea of a big family Christmas with Neil. Billy was surprised that Jack was using his son in his fight against Victor. Billy and Victoria decorated their tree and put Delia’s ornament on top. Victor was furious that Nikki was including Dylan in her will. Abby and Tyler headed off to Los Angeles for a romantic Christmas vacation. Summer refused to answer questions about Fen unless she had a lawyer present. Wait to See: Ashley and Traci return home.

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