1. POP CULTURE: What is Barbie’s (the doll) last name?
2. LITERATURE: Who wrote the thriller novel “The Day of the Jackal”?
3. MOVIES: The film “Lady Sings the Blues” was the story of what singer?
4. ANATOMY: What are succedaneous teeth also known as?
5. GEOGRAPHY: Where does the Gulf of Oman lie?
6. BUSINESS: What is an oligopoly?
7. LEGAL: What does it mean when a case is heard “en banc”?
8. PSYCHOLOGY: What is coprolalia?
9. LANGUAGE: What is a “Catch-22”?
10. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What kind of bird is a bobwhite?

1. Roberts
2. Frederick Forsyth
3. Billie Holiday
4. Permanent teeth
5. Between Oman and Iran
6. An industry dominated by a few sellers
7. A hearing by all judges of a court
8. A disorder characterized by uncontrollable swearing
9. An illogical or absurd predicament
10. A quail

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