James Scott stars as “E.J.” on “Days of Our Lives.”

Ridge explained why he chose to come back home. Quinn told Steffy that she still had a chance with Liam if she hurried back. Wyatt offered Hope a piece of Quinn’s jewelry to wear on her wedding day. Eric tried to keep Bill and Brooke’s romance a secret from Ridge. Meanwhile, Brooke and Ridge picked up right where they left off with a passionate kiss. Steffy flew to Los Angeles to crash Liam and Hope’s wedding. Quinn told her son not to leave for Hawaii — that there was still a chance for him and Hope. Ridge apologized to his father for not being around when Stephanie died. As Hope watched through the window, Steffy professed her love to Liam and sealed it with a kiss. Wait to See: Eric remembers past holidays with Stephanie.

Daniel was appalled when he heard about the lie that Nicole told Eric. Will confronted Sami about her big secret. Abigail confided in EJ about her father. JJ carried out a plot to neutralize Theresa once and for all. Adrienne set up Jennifer with a new man. EJ tried to trick Gabi into revealing all. A desperate Sami got into a huge fight with Ciara. Hope received a shocking phone call from Bo. Daniel was rattled when he overheard Jennifer making plans for a date. EJ made a startling discovery and later confronted Sami with what he’d learned. Eric experienced a disturbing dream about Nicole. Wait to See: Stefano returns to Salem.


The shootout at Sonny’s warehouse escalated with Julian taking aim at Sonny and igniting a firefight. Morgan was ordered to execute his father, but Max intervened before Morgan was forced to make a decision. Diane dropped in on Ava to inform her that a detective with the NYPD had called the gallery. Sam and Silas found Rafe in the ER being treated for a minor injury. Later, Rafe admitted that his wound was self-inflicted, a result of losing his temper after losing Molly. Patrick made a decision about his future. Bobbie and Luke shared a sweet moment as they remembered Ruby. Wait to See: Maxie arrives at Lulu’s door.

Fen told his parents that he needed to disappear for a while. Sharon worried about her mental health when she started having visions of Cassie again. Adam realized that he could be a good person if he stayed true to Chelsea and their son. Billy and Kelly found they had something in common when talking about how tragedy can negatively impact a marriage. Kelly reminded Adam that they met once before. Hilary thanked Devon for coming to her defense. After reading the truth about his father, Dylan understood why Nikki gave him up for adoption. Paul found a key piece of evidence that could lead him to Carmine’s true killer. The police prepared to make an arrest in Delia’s hit and run. Wait to See: Billy opens up to Jill.

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