Safety advisories

Cold weather crime prevention tips for vehicles
With the cold weather upon us it is important to remember the following crime prevention tips to protect your vehicle:
• Avoid leaving vehicles running unattended, even for a short period. With the cold weather you may be tempted to warm up your vehicle; if the vehicle is left unattended this is an excellent
opportunity for a car thief to steal the vehicle. If you prefer you may install a remote starter in your vehicle. A remote starter
is a relatively inexpensive option to warm up your vehicle safely.

• Keep vehicles locked and windows rolled up even if the vehicle is parked in your driveway or in front of your home.

• Do not leave valuables (GPS units, MP3 players, laptops, money, etc.) visible in your vehicle. If possible, remove all valuables from your vehicle.

• Never leave any personal information in your vehicle such as vehicle title, registration or insurance.

• Be aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts

• Report all suspicious activity anonymously to 313-943-3030.

Beware of potential scams through mail
The Dearborn Police Department reminds the public to be suspicious of unusual or “too good to be true” offers sent through the mail.

Letters indicating that you will receive offers of free trips, airline tickets, or cash if you provide your personal information may be an attempt to steal your identity. They may also say you have won a lottery and they need your account number to transfer the funds.

There are many variations of this scam designed to obtain your personal information in an effort to make electronic withdraws from your bank account or assume your identity to obtain fraudulent credit accounts.

The public is cautioned not to give out their personal information.

People should contact their bank or credit card company directly using the number provided on their credit card or bank statement to determine if they are legitimately trying to make contact.

Never use phone numbers listed in the letters, as they will be fraudulent as well.