Man caught in Taylor suspected in Riverview robbery

Sunday Times Newspapers

RIVERVIEW — The suspect in a Dec. 6 armed robbery at a Subway here is believed to be ina Taylor police custody.

Riverview police responded to a robbery complaint at the Subway, 18615 Fort St., at 7:54 p.m. and spoke to the owner and employees. They told police a man walked into the restaurant rubbing his face continuously like he was cold.

One employee said he continued to rub his face as he ordered a 6-inch sub and walked over to the register. She said he pulled out a semi-automatic handgun with his right hand and demanded the money from the register.

Police said none of them got a good look at the man during the incident, and the employee at the register handed him $410. The two employees said they watched as he put the gun back in his waistband and left the restaurant.

The man did not touch anything in the store, police said, and he waited for the employee to hand him the money out of the register, so there was no evidence to collect. The owner told police they were having problems with the video surveillance system inside the store, but would call the surveillance company to see if there was footage of the incident.

The surveillance company said the video feed was operational and the owner was able to download the video to a zip drive. The drive was turned over to police and a report was submitted to the Law Enforcement Information Network with a description of the suspect.

A K-9 track was performed by police in an attempt to locate the suspect in the area. Reno, the tracking dog, found a scent near a sidewalk at the northwest corner of the building and followed it east toward an alley. The alley ran north and south, but police said Reno could not hold the scent past that point.

Officers checked the trash bins in the alley for the suspect or any evidence but did not find anything. They believed the suspect had a vehicle parked in the alley and drove away from the scene.

Riverview police said they were contacted by Taylor police about a man they believe is connected to the robbery. The man was said to be arrested for a different offense and police are investigating the connection.

The suspect was described as white, 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet tall, approximately 20 years old, with a thin build, clean shaven, no visible tattoos and wearing a tan jacket and black hooded sweatshirt and pants with white shoes.

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