Company proposes clothing recycling program in Wyandotte

Sunday Times Newspapers

WYANDOTTE — A Detroit-based company proposed an option for residents to donate their old or used clothing while generating additional revenue for the city.

City Recyclers Inc. proposed to place 15 donation bins around the city to consolidate the clothing collection process.

City councilors said similar proposals were rejected in the past because there was no revenue generated by these programs and the city already has places to donate clothing.

Adam Abbas, a City Recyclers representative, said the company would pay the city 4 cents for every pound of clothing placed in its bins. The city would generate about $29,000 in revenue with the proposed program, Abbas said, based on the average clothing donations received from other cities — 68 pounds — multiplied by the 10,991 households in Wyandotte that could donate clothing each year.

The company does not have any retail stores to compete with local charities and churches already established in the city, Abbas said, and has no plans to interfere with clothes donated to them. He said competing with them would be “counterintuitive” to the the company’s ultimate goal.

“We would work with charities by trading undamaged clothing items with their damaged or old textile items. We have the ability to shred and sell the materials,” Abbas said. “We would rather work together to collect clothing and shoes to keep them away from landfills and provide an additional revenue source for the city.”

City Recyclers has contracts with Westland, River Rouge and Wayne. Abbas said the company recently extended a contract with Westland for another year.

The company would collect from the donation bins daily. He said the city would not have to enter into a long-term contract with the company and could terminate the relationship with a 90-day written notice.

The proposal was referred to the City Engineer’s Office to evaluate the placement, size and locations of the donation boxes.

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