Rena Sofer stars as “Quinn” on “The Bold and The Beautiful.”

Liam gave Hope an ultimatum to choose between him and Wyatt. Quinn gave Eric a token of her appreciation. Bill told Brooke that he wasn’t giving up on their love. Liam informed his dad of his plans to marry Hope over the holidays. Quinn was in shock after discovering that she and Wyatt were no longer employed by Forrester Creations. Wyatt asked Liam to leave his mother’s company out of their personal issues. After seeing Steffy, Quinn came up with an idea to break up Liam and Hope for good. Eric asked Hope why she wanted to destroy the Quinn Artisan jewelry line. Ridge returned home after a long absence. Wait to See: Brooke and Katie begin mending their relationship.

Daniel and Jennifer shared an awkward run-in. Theo unwittingly provided incriminating evidence to Ciara. Kate was gut-punched by Rafe’s words. Theresa blackmailed JJ. EJ ordered Sami to move out if she didn’t love him anymore. Will told Sonny that he knew what Gabi was hiding. Kate warned Jordan not to break Rafe’s heart. Sonny was shocked by what he overheard. Brady ran into someone unexpected while scoring drugs to feed his habit. Eric endured a painful procedure to prove his innocence. Abigail grew concerned when she saw JJ hanging out with a bad crowd again. Theresa had some good news for Anne. A delirious Eric begged Nicole for forgiveness. Wait to See: Hope receives a shocking phone call from Bo.

Lulu was stunned to learn that her remaining embryos at the clinic had been stolen. Ellie found out that she needed to be in Portland sooner rather than later. Mac and Felicia tried to cheer up Maxie over the holidays. Spencer asked his dad if he planned to marry Britt. Silas surprised Sam with a Christmas tree. Olivia apologized to Sonny for depriving him of Dante’s childhood. Later, Sonny focused his attention on young Spencer and taught him how to be a boxer. Sam informed Silas that she was ready to leave her past with Jason behind. Lucy told a heartbroken Scott that she just wanted to be friends. Wait to See: A fire breaks out.

Kyle and Noah were forced to work together and not continue their fathers’ infamous feud. Chelsea told Adam that they were in a good place and needed to focus on their son. Avery wondered if Dylan and Nick could get along if she hadn’t been involved with both of them. Jill planned to sell Katherine’s music box. Lauren received another anonymous phone call. Summer told Dylan about how she went through the same adjustment with her family that he is. Jack urged Devon to take a leave of absence so that he could figure out his true calling. Victoria stood up to Victor over Dylan’s right to be in their family. Sharon empathized with Chloe over the loss of her daughter. Wait to See: Chelsea and Adam rediscover their romance.

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