Scene from “More Than Honey”

“Insidious: Chapter 2” (R) — The doomed family from the first film continues their struggle against supernatural creeps in this poor soul of a sequel. Josh and Renai Lambert (Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne) take their haunted son, Dalton (Ty Simpkins), to Josh’s mom’s house to rest up after their last ghostly encounter. Unfortunately, as stated in the first movie, “It’s not the house that’s haunted — it’s your son,” so the family’s troubles continue along the same pattern in a slightly different house.

Director James Wan made the last film genuinely creepy, and his return for the sequel was hailed as a good sign. Too bad that horror movies and sequels just don’t work. “Insidious 2” will lose you while it tries to explain every event with a convoluted backstory. It will win you back with a brief chill — then lose you again when you get deja vu from the next scare.

“More Than Honey” — Man’s best friend might not be the creature we thought it was. While bees may not offer much companionship, we’d starve without them. Bees actually are responsible for the major share of pollination that produces our produce section: nuts, melons, berries, apples, citrus and many more all rely on bees for reproduction. This documentary explores how bees are mega-important to human life, and they are dying in baffling numbers.

Even if bugs aren’t your thing, this documentary still deserves a chance. It has all of the fun-factiness of usual nature documentaries (did you know bees can taste with their legs and perceive smells in three-dimensions?), plus a gripping narrative where the survival of both bee and man are intertwined.

“Una Noche” — In Havana, three young folks struggle to find where they fit in, only to risk everything on an attempt to reach the U.S. Raul and Elio are best pals. They also are tight with Lila, Elio’s fraternal twin sister. Havana comes alive with urban vibrancy and urban squalor, but without applying any extra dirt or grime. While much of the film is set in town, the climax is a daring attempt to cross 90 miles of ocean on a makeshift raft piloted by three mixed-up teens.

“Caesar Must Die” — Shakespeare’s tragic play about the murder of Julius Caesar gets a very special production by some otherwise hard-to-find talent: the inmates of an Italian prison. This documentary explores the phases of production and the personal connections formed by the actors. The play deals with themes of ambition, loyalty, betrayal and ruthlessness — things that strike chords within the cast members, many of whom are serving long sentences for drug trafficking and mafia mayhem.

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