Tracy Bregman stars as Lauren on “The Young and The Restless”

The news of Rick and Caroline’s impromptu nuptials brought up memories of Hope and Liam’s failed attempts at marriage. Pam and Charlie shared their first kiss while making the wedding cake. Quinn’s jealous side came out when she witnessed a tender moment between Eric and Donna. Liam expressed his concerns about Wyatt’s recent actions. Bill begged Brooke to tell him what he needed to do in order to win her back. Liam accepted Aly’s challenge for a friendly game of tennis, but soon found out that he was a less than worthy opponent. Wyatt assured a worried Quinn that their future at Forrester Creations was sealed. Wait to See: Steffy returns home to L.A.

Brady had an emotional meltdown when he received an unexpected video from Kristen. Nicole made a difficult decision about Eric. EJ set out to uncover what Sami was keeping from him. Gabi continued to lose control but then sought help from her brother Rafe. Brady had a relapse and tried to hide his drug use from Nicole. Victor tried to get Maggie to move back home. Daniel came up with a way for Eric to clear his name. Kate tried to stop Gabi from revealing a major secret. A furious Sami confronted Nicole when she learned that she was doing a story on Eric. Jennifer questioned Theresa about the night she overdosed. JJ got discouraging news about his upcoming hearing. Kate received a surprise phone call from Stefano. Wait to See: JJ fesses up to his mom. Abigail sees another side to EJ.

Jerry held Bobbie hostage at the Metro Court. Nikolas and Britt’s bond deepened during all the chaos. Emma and Robin were reunited. Anna considered whether to tell Duke about Derek’s true identity. Jerry tried to call Luke’s bluff that he was willing to risk Bobbie’s life. Sam made it very clear that she didn’t want a relationship with her newly found father. Patrick was torn between the discovery that Robin was alive and that he was now married to Sabrina. Sonny ordered Shawn to investigate Carlos’s background. Robin helped lift Maxie’s spirits. Ellie received a job offer that would take Spinelli far away from Maxie. Wait to See: Franco begs Kevin to be his doctor.

Noah and Kyle pitched ideas to Victor about growing the youth demographic for Newman-Chancellor. Nikki was hurt when Dylan rejected her attempts to have him be part of her family. Abby tried to play matchmaker for her mom, Ashley, and Stitch. Lauren feared that Paul was going to figure out that Fen killed Carmine. Chelsea told Adam that she was in no hurry to move out. Neil offered Sharon a job at Jabot mentoring the new models. Tyler had an important discussion with Lily about their past. Alex warned Billy that he couldn’t go around threatening people, even on the Internet. Wait to See: Michael and Lauren celebrate their anniversary.

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