Probation given to man who broke into police parking lot armed

Times-Herald Newspapers

DEARBORN — The 50-year-old man who was captured by police with a loaded rifle in the Police Department’s vehicle lot Sept. 7 will serve a sentence of 36 months of probation for the incident.

Michael Pierce Ferriter, of Inkster, was sentenced by Third Circuit Court Judge David Groner on Nov. 20.

Ferriter pled guilty to the charge of possession of a loaded firearm in or upon a motor vehicle before Groner during a disposition conference Oct. 9 and was given a $10,000 personal recognizance bond, with the stipulation that he wear a GPS-equipped tether.

On Sept. 7, Dearborn resident Douglas Berry, watching trains with his son at the Dearborn Amtrak train station notified police after observing suspicious behavior by Ferriter at the entrance to the police parking lot. The train station is behind the Dearborn Police Department and the 19th District Courthouse.

Berry told police that he observed Ferriter looking through the gate of the lot before circling the property in his car. The lot is connected to the police station on the west side of the building and is locked unless police vehicles are entering or exiting.

Berry said that he observed Ferriter circling the lot and returning to the gate. Ferriter then parked his vehicle and opened his trunk, pulling a long object out of it before approaching the fence and crawling under it.

Berry then called 911.

Officers responded to the area and located Ferriter underneath a police vehicle with the package nearby. They apprehended Ferriter without incident.

They then searched the package, which was a Winchester 30-30 caliber rifle concealed in a green shirt. The rifle was loaded.

Ferriter was placed under arrest and transported to Oakwood Hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad commended both the officers and Berry for their work to bring a peaceful end to the incident. He stated that he was proud of the officers for their quick response and restraint and that “the citizen helped avert a tragedy by quickly calling 911 and getting involved in the situation.”

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