Terence Howard in “Ironman”

HOLLYWOOD — While Robert Downey Jr. is deciding if he wants to star in “Ironman 4,” he’s been busy making two new films. “Chef,” with Jon Favreau (who directed and acted in “Ironman” and “Ironman 2,” and acted in “Ironman 3”), Scarlett Johansson, Sofia Vergara, Dustin Hoffman and John Leguizamo, out May 9; and “The Judge,” with Robert Duvall, Billy Bob Thornton and Dax Shepard, which will be released Oct. 10. If Downey decides not to do “Ironman 4,” Mark Walberg has volunteered to replace him.

Terence Howard (Oscar nominated for “Hustle & Flow” in 2005) was signed to play Air Force Lt. Col. James “War Machine” Rhodes in “Ironman” and two sequels. He was replaced by Don Cheadle in the sequels. Howard recently explained, “We did a three-picture deal — a certain amount for the first, the second and for the third. They came to me with the second and said, ’We will pay you one-eighth of what we contractually had for you because we think the second one will be successful with or without you.’ I called ’my friend’ (Downey), who I helped get the first job, and he didn’t call me back for three months.”

Anyone else would have called their lawyers, but Howard only says, “Oh, I love him. God’s going to bless him.” Sounds like there’s a little rust in that tin man.
* * *
Daniel Day-Lewis won three best-actor Oscars but made a mess of his private life. Well, it used to be private until his son Gabe Day did a rap video saying, “Bipolar stoop kid taking care of biz. Call me Gabe Day and not Gabe Day-Lewis, cause if you’re trying to call me out, I’m going to Gabe Day-Lose it! I know what my name is, and I know what fame is. Judging someone for their dad is just as bad as being a racist.”

Day-Lewis ended his six-year affair in 1995 with French actress Isabelle Adjani, who in 1996 called him a “Lothario” and a “womanizer” in The London Daily Mail. Day-Lewis married Arthur Miller’s daughter, Rebecca, soon after, while he was shooting Miller’s “The Crucible,” and they have two sons. Gabe, 18, who attends Sarah Lawrence College, adds in his rap, “I feel the most grief for my mother, who has no one left but me and my older brother. I’m bipolar, wear it like a badge, was on a bad path, did too many drugs, had a bad trip and re-evaluated my life. Thank God I survived ’cause now it’s easier to smile.”

You just can’t make this stuff up. Hey, Arthur Miller could have gotten two plays out of it!

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