AP EM forms advisory council

Sunday Times Newspapers

ALLEN PARK — Emergency Manager Joyce Parker selected 14 people to help bridge the gap between residents and her office to assist in the important decisions regarding the city’s future.

“The Allen Park Advisory Committee was established to to be advisors to me and serve as a liaison between the local government and the greater Allen Park community,” Parker said. “They will provide feedback to me on particular issues and recommend solutions to resolve those issues.”

Parker selected the committee members in May, but said the purpose, operational structure, and meeting dates were recently finalized. The committee has three subcommittees — a Public Image, Education and Communication team; the Financial and Operating team; and the Strategic Planning team — and is comprised of former and current city officials, residents, business owners and community leaders.

The Strategic Planning team will help develop a community strategic plan. Parker said the team will help create principles to ensure she and other officials will “make the right choices for the city’s future.”

The Public Image team will review and recommend changes to improve the functionality of city council meetings, the city’s website, and implement a new citizen concern and complaint process. They will also aid in publicizing town hall meetings and coffee times with Parker.

The Financial and Operating team has the opportunity to provide its input in completing a two-year operating budget for the city. Parker said that process will begin in January. The subcommittee will also have the opportunity to recommend location and space requirements for City Hall.

The committee meets with Parker in City Hall at 4 p.m. on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month to help improve the city’s image, reduce costs and develop a strategic plan. The members are not sworn officers of the city, Parker said, and they were chosen because of their interest to volunteer within the city.

For their privacy, Parker said, the names of the committee members would not shared because they are still residents of the city.

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