1. U.S. PRESIDENT: Who was the only president to be married in a White House ceremony?
2. ANATOMY: How many chromosomes do human beings have?
3. TELEVISION: What popular 1970s U.S. sitcom was based on an earlier TV series in the United Kingdom called “Till Death Us Do Part”?
4. LITERATURE: What is the name of the family in John Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath”?
5. LANGUAGE: What is a carapace?
6. MOVIES: Who played the dead friend in “The Big Chill,” although his scenes were cut from the final movie?
7. INVENTIONS: Who invented the cowboy hat?
8. GEOGRAPHY: What is the ancient name for Japan’s capital Tokyo?
9. COMICS: What is the name of the news correspondent in “Doonesbury”?
10. ENTERTAINERS: What famous actor’s last words were, “I’ve never felt better”?

1. Grover Cleveland
2. 46 (23 pairs)
3. “All in the Family”
4. The Joads
5. A hard shell covering an animal’s back, like a turtle
6. Kevin Costner
7. John Batterson Stetson
8. Edo
9. Roland Hedley
10. Douglas Fairbanks Sr.

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