Jason Thompson stars as “Patrick” on “General Hospital”

Brooke promised Katie that Bill would never come between their sisterhood again. Wyatt was taken aback when his father asked him for a considerable favor. Hope decided to extend the Thanksgiving guest list to a few unfavorable attendants. Bill was back to pursuing Brooke after having previously been fixated on reuniting with Katie. Quinn and Wyatt reminisced about the past and how far they have come. The Thanksgiving guests found out they also were there to celebrate Rick and Caroline’s engagement. Pam and Charlie bickered in the kitchen while cooking the big feast. Rick presented Caroline with a romantic idea. Wait to See: Aly doesn’t approve of how Hope has treated her suitors.

Sonny stormed out after arguing with Will about Gabi’s situation. Daniel and Jennifer had shared an awkward encounter at Thanksgiving. Nicole was shocked that her first assignment as a reporter was to interview Eric. Caroline confronted Victor over the scheme involving her grandson. Brady went searching for Kristen. Gabi uncovered a shocking secret. Hope showed up at EJ’s with a search warrant. Former enemies Sami and Kate teamed up to stop Gabi from moving to New York. JJ decided he must make things right with his mom. Gabi was embarrassed after learning about Nick’s machinations. Wait to See: Rafe and Jordan kiss.

Ava told Patrick that Robin was alive. Sabrina’s cousin Juan appeared with a surprise on her wedding day. Obrecht planned to shoot Duke in order to punish Anna. Mac tried to coax a depressed Maxie into attending Patrick and Sabrina’s wedding. Robin was afraid to go to Patrick’s wedding without first knowing that Nikolas was OK. Anna and Scorpio were able to track down Faison. Bobbie was shocked by what she found when she visited Luke. Spinelli stopped Maxie from trying to see her biological daughter. Patrick and Sabrina’s wedding was just getting started, but will it go off as planned? Wait to See: Sonny makes Duke an offer he can’t refuse.

During a family gathering at the club, Nikki announced that Dylan was her long-lost son. Michael worried that Fen was being targeted in prison. Billy and Kelly continued to bond over their similar losses. Noah was upset that Victor hired Kyle at Newman Enterprises. Mason used Devon’s credit card without his knowledge. Adam warned Chelsea not to put him on a pedestal. Christine shared with Michael the news that the judge agreed to reopen the case. Jill decided to celebrate Thanksgiving with Kevin, Chloe and Esther despite all the grief and loss they had experienced. Leslie was overwhelmed by the newness of spending Thanksgiving with Neil’s family. Ashley surprised everyone by showing up at the Abbott mansion for the holiday. Wait to See: Lily receives a surprising phone call.

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