Seasonal services ending

DEARBORN – Seasonal services are coming to an end for 2013.

Loose leaf collection is scheduled to end the week of Dec. 2 through 7. Weather permitting, crews will be out doing a final pickup of leaves raked into the street — but only in specific districts.

The final week of loose leaf pickup will be for neighborhoods that recycle on the “A” week schedule. Crews will be by on trash days.

Residents with the “B” week recycling schedule will have one final pickup the week of Nov. 25 through 30. (Neither leaves nor trash will not be picked up on Thanksgiving.)

Not every block in every district can be picked up on one day, and so some properties may have already had their last collection of loose leaves.

Leaves can be put in proper yard waste containers and set out on the curb on their trash day. This can be done through the week of Dec. 9 through 13, when curbside yard waste collection ends for the year. Seasonal collection will start again in March.

Public Service Days end for 2013 on Nov. 30. Residents no longer will be required to remove their parked vehicles from the street on their trash day, but doing so will make the final weeks of loose leaf and curbside collection of yard waste safer and more efficient. Public Service Days will start again in April.

Trash and recycling carts should never be put in the street.