1. GEOGRAPHY: Where is the region of Ulster located?
2. MOVIES: Where was King Kong found?
3. MEDICAL: What does the drug Minoxidil do?
4. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What are the RITA awards?
5. HISTORY: The Peloponnesian war was fought primarily between which two forces?
6. U.S. PRESIDENTS: Who was Gerald Ford’s running mate in 1976?
7. LITERATURE: The 18th-century writer Francois-Marie Arouet was better known by what pseudonym?
8. MUSIC: Who recorded the hit “The Banana Boat Song”?
9. ADVERTISING: The slogan “Is it in you?” was used to promote what product?
10. GAMES: How many pawns are used in a game of chess?

1. Northern Ireland
2. Skull Island
3. Increase hair growth
4. Given for the best published romance novels
5. Athens and Sparta
6. Robert Dole
7. Voltaire
8. Harry Belafonte
9. Gatorade
10. Sixteen — eight per player

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