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Don Diamont stars as “Bill” on “The Bold and The Beautiful.”

After his brush with death, Bill told Katie that he wanted to come home to her and Will. Brooke mourned her breakup with Bill but was also happy for her sister. Hope and Liam came to an understanding about where they stood in each other’s lives. Brooke reflected back on her life and how she had set a poor example for her children. Meanwhile, Hope appeared to be following in her mother’s footsteps as she flirted with Wyatt. Liam and Wyatt called a temporary truce after almost losing their father. Hope and Caroline acknowledged how their friendship has grown. Liam accused Hope of punishing him for being so indecisive about her and Steffy over the years. Wait to See: Brooke has a meltdown.

Maggie blasted Victor for using Marlena. Rory attempted to lure JJ into using drugs. Eric confronted Kristen with what he remembered. Later, Eric and Brady got into a physical altercation. Maggie turned to Daniel for advice for her marriage problems. EJ worried that Sami would discover that he knew about Kristen’s plot all along. Jordan kept quiet about her mysterious phone calls. Eric’s job was on the line. Sonny accidentally stumbled upon Gabi’s secret. Sami had a fit when she found an incriminating text message on EJ’s phone. Nicole didn’t accept Eric’s apology without speaking her mind first. Wait to See: Shane and Kimberly visit their daughter in Salem.

Robin was eager to process Luke’s blood so that she could manufacture the cure for Jerry. Robin was hit hard when she arrived at the lab, remembering the last time she was there with Patrick. In court, Maxie told Diane to go after Lulu as ruthlessly as Lulu was attacking her. Patrick and Sabrina broke the news to Emma that they were getting married next week. Felix soon arrived with a slew of wedding dresses for Sabrina to try on. Luke and Tracy marveled over baby Connie while waiting for the doctor. Carlos kept pressuring Sabrina for a reconciliation. Robert and Anna enacted a plan to escape from Jerry. Wait to See: Franco threatens to harm Heather.

Jack hired Hilary to help him get even with Victor. Nikki invited Dylan to a charity event for Veterans Day. Abby feared that Tyler was involved with his ex again. Kevin grew frustrated with how slow the investigation into Delia’s death was going. Fen told Abby that he didn’t remember what happened the night that Carmine died. Billy found an online support group for people who have lost a child. Devon refused to be a spy for Jack while working at Newman Enterprises. Nick felt uncomfortable when Dylan showed up to the Veterans Day ceremony with Avery. Michael tried to negotiate a reduced sentence for Fen. Paul found a napkin with Lauren’s DNA on it at the scene of Carmine’s murder. Wait to See: Nikki prepares to tell her secret to her family.

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