Melody Thomas Scott stars as “Nikki” on “The Young and The Restless.”

Thinking about his fight with Katie, Bill lost focus during a dangerous climb. Wyatt went into a panic when the diamond went missing. Quinn pleaded her son’s case in the war for Hope’s affections. Donna tried to reason with Katie about the limits she was putting on Bill regarding shared custody. Meanwhile, Liam asked Katie if she could objectively run Spencer Publications if she harbored such hatred toward her ex. Caroline began planning her and Rick’s wedding. After almost falling to his death, Bill had a renewed outlook on life. Carter was able to get Maya’s job back as spokesmodel despite what happened between her and Rick. Brooke made a sacrifice for the sake of her family. Wait to See: Wyatt and Liam make a bet.

Marlena turned to Victor when she encountered a problem with Kristen’s flash drive. Nicole was dumbfounded by Eric’s accusations. Jennifer demanded answers from Daniel about his supposed affair with Theresa. Rafe sensed that Jordan was pushing him away. Kristen began carrying a gun. Gabi received an unexpected email from a modeling agency. A stunning reveal brought Kristen and Brady’s wedding to a halt. JJ felt guilty for his role in Jennifer’s breakup with Daniel. Cameron told Abigail that he was leaving town. JJ asked Theresa if she remembered anything about the night she overdosed. Wait to See: Kristen holds Marlena at gunpoint.

Britt told Elizabeth to butt out of her and Nikolas’s relationship. Robin missed her family. Luke reassured Tracy that he was committed to her. Carly was suspicious that Franco was secretly sleeping with Diane. Olivia witnessed Morgan handing something off to Scott. Sam and Silas made a date for the art show. Heather arrived early to the art show and was shocked by what she saw. Max was oblivious to Diane’s feelings for him. Heather made a shocking confession to the people of Port Charles. Sam was intrigued that Franco was donating some of his proceeds to leukemia research. Michael wondered why his brother was staying with Ava now that he knew the truth about her. Scott feared for his future. Wait to See: Maxie seeks revenge.

Paul discovered that the photos taken of Carmine’s crime scene were missing. Neil scolded Cane for being so hard on Hilary. Chelsea signed Dylan’s divorce papers without protest. Adam freely allowed the police to search his SUV for evidence in the hit-and-run that killed little Delia. Jack believed that Hilary should stay in Genoa City and seek forgiveness. Kevin informed Chloe about the piece of evidence that was found from the SUV that hit Delia. Sharon made it known to her daughter that she and Nick were not getting back together. Jill was furious at Victor’s plan to fulfill Katherine’s wish to unite their two companies. A grieving Billy stopped by to visit Connor after his operation. Wait to See: Nikki gathers her friends and family to pay tribute to Veterans Day.

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