Man caught after stealing from store twice

Sunday Times Newspapers

ALLEN PARK — An 18-year-old River Rouge man attempted to elude police after taking clothes from Meijer Nov. 1.

The incident began about 4:15 p.m. when loss prevention officers notified police the man was running down the hill from their store, 3565 Fairlane, toward Outer Drive. Officers began looking for the man and located him walking east on Outer Drive, but he took off running before they could make contact with him.

The officer said he and the man made eye contact before the man ran behind the police vehicle and across Outer Drive. The officer pursued the man on foot, and watched as he almost was hit by several vehicles. The officer yelled for him to stop, but he did not comply and tossed a backpack into some weeds on Outer Drive.

Another officer attempted to block the man’s path with his police vehicle, but the man ran around the vehicle and back onto Outer Drive. The two officers continued to chase the man until he finally stopped a few yards beyond the I-94 overpass.

The man put up his hands, but refused to lay down on the ground. An officer took the man to the ground, handcuffed him, and placed him into a police vehicle. Police returned to the area where the man threw the bag to searched for it.

They recovered the bag and the stolen merchandise, then returned to the store for loss prevention officers to identify the man.

Loss prevention officers told police the man was seen with the backpack in the men’s fashion department and they began following him because he had previously stolen items a few days before this incident.

The man was said to pick up a University of Michigan hooded sweatshirt and hat from the rack. The loss prevention officers watched him go into the fitting rooms with the backpack and merchandise, leave the area, and return with a Michigan State University hooded sweatshirt and hat.

They told police a check of the fitting room was conducted after he left the area and they did not locate the merchandise in the fitting room. The man was seen exiting the store, without paying for any of the concealed merchandise.

The loss prevention officers said they confronted the man and identified themselves, before he ran toward Outer Drive. Police arrested the man for resisting arrest and stealing the clothing.

The man had not been arraigned by press time on the charges and is being held without bond.

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