Patrick Warburton

HOLLYWOOD — Billboards and posters all over town were showing the cast of NBC’s “Welcome to the Family,” and Patrick Warburton of “Rules of Engagement” was prominently featured. But when the show premiered, he’d been replaced by “Desperate Housewives’” Ricardo Chavira. Then, Warburton was announced for the pilot of “Jacked Up” with Tyne Daly (of “Cagney and Lacey” fame). Warburton somehow knew “Welcome to the Family” would be canceled after three shows.

Carol Burnett received the Mark Twain Award on Oct. 20, and the gala will be seen Sunday, Nov. 24, on PBS. The event raised $1.8 million for the Kennedy Center’s artistic and educational programs, and featured her pals Tim Conway and Vicki Lawrence, as well as Tina Fey, Julie Andrews, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Martin Short and clips of her classic characters Scarlett O’ Hara (in THAT dress), Mrs. Wiggin, Eunice Higgins and Mrs. Hannigan (from the film “Annie”). Mark your calendar and don’t miss it!
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“Doctor Who” is getting a special 50th-anniversary film in 3D that will be shown Nov. 23 in theaters and on BBC. It stars the 11th Doctor Who, Matt Smith, and his companion, Jenna Coleman, as well as the 10th Doctor Who, David Tennant, and his companion, Billie Piper, and actor John Hurt. No word yet when we’ll get it here in the States.

Get ready for a stage version of the classic Gene Kelly’s film “An American in Paris.” It will be a co-production between the Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera and Theatre du Chatelet in Paris, where it will premiere December 2014 before it goes to Pittsburgh and Broadway.

Bruce Campbell just wrapped seven seasons of “Burn Notice” as Sam Axe, and he has finally agreed to topline the sequel to his 1992 classic horror film, “Army of Darkness.” Campbell explained that, “I used to be busy. Now I’m not!”
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The next time the networks cry poverty, just look at what they’re getting for 30-second commercials. Football commands the most: NBC Sunday Night Football costs $628,000 a spot, followed by “The OT” (a post-game show on Fox) for $440,000 and “Football Night in America” with $169,700. Among TV series, “The Walking Dead” commands $326,000, “The Big Bang Theory” gets $317,000, “The Following” brings in $264,300, “Grey’s Anatomy” gets $209,542, “Scandal” earns $186,202, “Two and a Half Men” makes $181,988, “The Blacklist” rakes in $174,943, “The Crazy Ones” charges $173,727 and “How I Met Your Mother” commands $169,364. Among reality shows, “American Idol” gets $281,600; “The Voice” (Tuesday), $273,714; “The Voice” (Monday), $259,240; “X-Factor,” $166,601; and “Dancing With the Stars,” which trails the pack with $102,851. Small wonder they pack those shows with 30-second spots. And you thought The Super Bowl was the only cash cow … Moo!

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