Soap Updates

Blake Berris is “Nick” on “Days of Our Lives.”

Hope was hurt after learning that Wyatt knew that his mother was the one who sent her the video. Liam was hopeful about a future with Hope after receiving official word that his marriage to Steffy was finally over. Bill had a hard time enjoying himself in Aspen with Brooke after Katie wouldn’t let him see his son before he left. Rick and Caroline announced their engagement. The Hope for the Future Diamond made its sparkling debut at the family’s boutique. The security guard protecting the gem found Pam more intriguing. After receiving a prognosis about her heart condition, Katie began to soften up toward Bill. Later, Bill and Brooke embarked on a life-changing adventure during their trip to Aspen. Wait to See: Carter asks Rick for a big favor.

Jennifer was devastated when she believed that Daniel slept with Theresa. Nick was heartbroken by Gabi’s increasing fondness
for Cameron. Jordan realized that Kate was not going to let up when it came to her past. EJ blackmailed Lucas. Chad and Cameron fought over Abigail. Eric was furious at his brother for keeping Nicole’s secret. Will prepared for his move to Berkeley. Marlena made a shocking discovery inside Daniel’s office. Kristen interrupted
Marlena before she could get her hands on the flash drive. Nicole confided in Daniel about her love for Eric. Maggie confronted Victor about his secret meetings with Marlena. Wait to See: Nicole
is floored by Eric’s accusations.

Ellie apologized to Spinelli once again for her role in Maxie’s deception. Lulu made it clear that she would do whatever it took to keep baby Connie. Carly and Ava fought over Morgan. Robin snuck out of Wyndemere. Olivia urged an unstable Sonny to reach out to her. Michael told Kiki about how he was now in charge of the restaurant. Obrect kept Robin in line. Halloween was full of surprises.
Robin concocted a plan after hearing about Patrick and Emma. A mysterious figure dressed in a costume kept watch on Franco. Carly gave Derek the cold shoulder, believing that he was involved
with Ava. Wait to See: Fear and uncertainty spread throughout Port Charles.

Ashley was able to reach out to Billy during his time of grief. Adam began having memories of the accident that resulted in Delia’s death. Fen admitted that he was high on drugs when Carmine was murdered and thus had no memory of the incident. Meanwhile, Michael
insisted that he was the one who killed Carmine. Sharon reassured Nick that she was back on her mood stabilizer. Avery was furious that Nikki was asking her to keep her big secret — that Nikki was Dylan’s biological mother. Tyler realized that his feelings for Abby were getting serious. Connor began making progress with his eyesight after his cornea transplant. Paul found an important piece of evidence in the hit-and-run accident. Wait to See: Nick and Sharon’s evening takes a surprising turn.

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