Police Blotter

Allen Park
Accident turns into argument

An accident on Southfield Road near Outer Drive turned into an argument about 3:15 a.m. Oct. 16. When officers arrived, they observed a man and woman arguing. Police said the vehicles were blocking two lanes of traffic. Both people appeared to be intoxicated.

The woman said that while her boyfriend was driving they got into an argument and he switched lanes and hit the median. The man confirmed they were arguing, but said his girlfriend grabbed the wheel and he jerked it to regain control.

Police said they could smell alcohol on the driver and he told them he had been drinking heavily. He was given a field sobriety test, failed the alphabet and counting backward portions of the test, and was given a preliminary breath test. The results were not disclosed, but he was ticketed for a blood alcohol content higher than 0.17 and driving without a license. In Michigan the legal limit is .08.

A Law Enforcement Information Network check disclosed the man had a warrant from Detroit for another traffic violation.

Woman arrested 2nd time for drunken driving

A 38-year-old Detroit woman was arrested for drunken driving near the intersection of Schaefer and Blesser at 2:45 a.m. Oct. 28. It was her second drunken driving arrest.

An officer on routine patrol reported that he was traveling south on Schaefer near Tireman when observed a silver 2000 Ford Taurus speeding past his patrol vehicle. He followed the Taurus, which traveled at 50 mph in a 35 mph zone.

After the vehicle ran a red light at Schaefer and Warren, the officer initiated a traffic stop. The officer reported smelling intoxicants as he made contact with the driver and observed her eyes to be red and glassy. When he asked for her driver’s license the woman said she did not have one.

The officer then asked the woman if she had consumed any alcohol and she answered “not much.” She was then asked to step out of the vehicle and was given a field sobriety test, which she failed. She also agreed to take a breath test and gave a reading of .197, over two times the state’s legal limit of .08.

The woman was arrested and the vehicle was impounded.

After being transported to the station, the woman was given two more breath tests and gave readings of .19 and .18. She also informed the officers that she had previously been arrested for drunken driving.

Man arrested for disorderly conduct
A 23-year-old Redford Township man was arrested for disorderly conduct after police were called to investigate a report of a man pounding on a resident’s front door and refusing to leave in the 24000 block of Union just after 2:30 a.m. Oct. 24.

Officers responded to the house and observed a man on the front porch of the house beating on the door. They asked the man to step off the porch and talk to them, but he ignored them and continued pounding on the door. Inside the house, the residents could be heard yelling at the subject, “Go away. You have the wrong house.”

The officers again told the man to step off the porch and talk to them and he complied. He also identified himself as he stepped off of the porch. As he approached, the officers observed that his speech was extremely slurred and that his eyes were red and glassy. They also noted a strong smell of intoxicants coming from the man.

He told the officers he had been at his grandparents’ house in New York and that he had been dropped off at the house on Union by a friend after they left the bar.

The officers informed the man of his whereabouts and attempted to search him for weapons, but he began pulling away and took a threatening posture.

They then arrested the man for disorderly conduct.

The officers spoke to the homeowner, who said she was frightened by the man and that she had no idea who he was or what he wanted. She said the man refused to stop pounding on the door and kept asking to be let inside the house.

The man later refused a breath test at the police station.

Dearborn Heights
Purse, cash stolen from vehicle

While investigating another incident, officers were approached by a woman who told them that her vehicle had been illegally entered at her house in the 5100 block of Cherokee during the early morning hours of Oct. 28.

The woman told police the vehicle had been parked in the driveway overnight and that it was unlocked. When she entered the car about 9:30 a.m. she discovered that the car had been searched and that her blue and gray wallet, which contained $140 cash, was missing from the center console.

Officers checked the car and found no signs of forced entry. Nothing of evidentiary value was found at the scene.

No suspect information was available.

Suspected home invasion attempt reported
A man visited the Police Department to report a possible break-in attempt of his property in the 24000 block of Pennie just before 1 p.m. Oct. 27.

The man said he noticed a broken door jamb at the rear of the house as well as a dent to the bottom of a steel door. He did not report seeing any other damage to windows or doors on the house. He also did not report finding any evidence in the yard or surrounding area.

He did not hear or see anything suspicious overnight and does not have surveillance video on the property.

No suspect information or witnesses were reported.

Man rummages through three vehicles on Ferguson

Officers patrolling Prospect Street near Ferguson Avenue about 5 a.m. Oct. 22 stopped a man in the 3500 block of Ferguson when they observed him walk by a vehicle then abruptly change direction as he noticed them approaching. The man began walking north on Prospect Avenue toward Pinkowski, police said, then proceeded west and started looking over his shoulder to see if the officers were still following him.

Police stopped the man and immediately recognized him from previous arrests. While talking to the man, police said he became very defensive and told them he was on the way to a friend’s house so they could go to work at 6 a.m. Officers searched the man, with his consent, and found two envelopes, containing a check and a bank deposit slip, $215 in cash, and a checkbook concealed in his jacket pocket.

The checkbook and check contained the owners’ address and police made contact with them to notify them of the possible theft. The items belonged to a couple who told police they must have accidently unlocked the car. They said the items were usually kept in the vehicle’s glovebox.

The couple told police no one had permission to be in their vehicle and wanted to press charges. Police said the vehicle had been rummaged through and saw the center console and glove box was left open.

Police believed the man also went through two other vehicles on Ferguson as well, but no other items seemed to be missing from any of the vehicles. The man was arrested and charged with the theft.

Lincoln Park
Rental car reported stolen

Police responded to a call from Enterprise Car Rental, 1769 Southfield Road, to investigate the theft of a rented car that had not been returned.

A company employee told police that a man rented a 2013 Toyota Corolla valued at $15,000 and did not return it by the agreed-upon date of Oct. 21.

The company made frequent calls to the renter, a Lincoln Park man, which went unanswered as did initial calls by police. The vehicle’s description was entered into the Law Enforcement Information Network and police are investigating.

Trailer taken from business

A man’s 1998 Gold Star trailer was reported stolen from the parking lot of Dairy Queen, 13132 Eureka, sometime during the night of Oct. 23.

Police responded to the call from one of the business co-owners, who often parked the trailer in the lot. The trailer of unreported value was last seen at 3 p.m. Tuesday, locked and secured.

Police checked for evidence, entered a description of the trailer into the Law Enforcement Information Network, and are investigating.

Burglar nabs electronics

A woman returned home at 9: 30 p.m. Oct. 22 and discovered a broken door and the theft of a TV, video game system, iPad and other valuables.

Police responded to the woman’s call from the 9600 block of East Pickwick, where the woman had found a door ripped open. Police noted a broken dead-bolt lock and a trail through damp grass that went into other yards. Police checked for evidence and are investigating.

Littering leads to warrant arrest

A motorist who threw a lit cigarette while driving a motorcycle near the intersection of Fort and Harrison streets was taken into custody after it was determined he had multiple warrants.

A patrol officer spotted the cyclist about 9:15 p.m. Oct. 24. After observing the driver throw a cigarette, the officer ran the license plate and determined that the driver was operating on a suspended license.

The officer also was advised that the driver had four warrants to include having violated a $26,000 bond out of Kalamazoo. The man was taken into custody and was awaiting arraignment by other courts.

Arrest made after seat-belt violation noticed
Police pulled over a driver who had been seen without a seat belt and ended the stop by taking the motorist into custody for possession of drugs.

Patrol officers spotted a red Pontiac driving on West Road near Grange at midnight, Oct. 25. The officer made contact with the driver and passenger, and believing there may have been drug use had K-9 officer Truax sniff the vehicle. The dog gave positive identification, and a marijuana roach was discovered in a cigarette pack.

Further searching produced two tabs of suspected LSD in the driver’s wallet, alongside $840 in cash that the driver claimed he had earned at a fast-food restaurant.

The driver was taken into custody pending citations for drug possession.

Hardware store vandalized

Hood’s Hardware, 1844 Ford Ave., was vandalized about 8 p.m. Oct. 23. Police said someone threw landscaping rocks through two windows, about 84 inches high and 36 inches wide combined, and estimated the damage to be $500.

Police observed the rocks used lying in front of the doors to the business and said they were taken from the landscaping near the roadway. A witness told police he heard the glass shatter and a person yell a profanity before running west on Ford Avenue. The witness said he saw two people — believed to be either junior-high- or high-school-age — leave the area.

The witness said one of the children was wearing
a red hooded sweatshirt, but could not provide more information to police. Police notified the business owner who said another window was broken out a few nights ago with the same type of rock. He told police he did not have any recent problems with anyone recently.

Police did not locate any suspects in the area.

Man lays in street, arrested for slurs
Police respond to a call about 6 p.m. Oct. 23 after residents in the 2200 block of 1st Street, complained that a man was lying down and yelling racial slurs.
The man appeared to be highly intoxicated, police said, and believed he was released from the hospital earlier in the day.

Witnesses said they exited their houses when the man was loudly yelling an obscenity. Police told the man he was disturbing the residents, but he continued to yell the obscenity. He was arrested, transported to the station, and booked for his behavior.

Neighbor caught in apartment
A woman called police to Mulberry Manor, 2254 1st St., about 9 p.m.Oct. 23 when she saw a neighbor leaving her apartment. She told police she and a friend left her apartment for about 30 minutes and, as she arrived home, they saw the neighbor walking out of her apartment.

Police questioned the man, who told them he believed the apartment was vacant and had an agreement with the landlord to retrieve items from vacant apartments. They believed he was attempting to take her television and video game console. He said it seemed to be vacant because there was only a couch and table in the living room.

The witness said her front door was unlocked, but wanted to pursue charges for the attempted burglary. The man was arrested for home invasion and booked without incident.