Police and city come to agreement

Sunday Times Newspapers

WYANDOTTE — City Council approved the collective bargaining agreements between the city and police officer unions Monday.

Under the new contracts, command and patrol officers will not receive a wage increase or longevity pay, and holiday pay was decreased by 1.58 percent. Changes also were made to how overtime is calculated for the final average compensation within the pension system.

The collective bargaining agreement also cited changes made to promotion requirements and how officers are scored based on a revised system. Retired officers’ prescription co-pays were increased to $15 and $30 depending on the plan they have, and the officers are required to contribute 20 percent into the retirement fund.

The agreement also changes the definition of how overtime is included into the pension system’s final average compensation. Active officers’ costs for health insurance were increased along with the prescription copay for retirees. Also included into the agreement is the stipulation that officers may no longer receive pay advances.

The previous command officers’ contract ended in October 2012, while the patrol officers’ contract ended in February 2012. The new agreements are retroactive and extend to December 2015. The city expects to see a savings of around 8 percent over the previous agreement.

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