Man attempts to take son from mother

Sunday Times Newspapers

WYANDOTTE — Police refused a Flat Rock man’s request to remove his son from the mother’s residence here Oct. 20.

The man initially asked police to release the mother’s address to him, so he could retrieve his son from her residence. He presented them with a Referee Recommendation and Order from the Third Circuit Judicial Court that granted the man sole custody of the infant.

Police said the paperwork was signed by the referee, but did not have a court seal or a judge’s signature and they could not verify the paperwork because the court was closed. An officer was sent to the the mother’s known address in the 2700 block of 6th Street to check the welfare of the infant.

She was informed of the situation and allowed police to come in and check on the child. The officer observed all her children dressed and playing in the living room and appeared to be “in good health and properly cared for.” The mother told police she and the father speak daily and they arranged time for him to visit with the infant.

A copy of the recommendation said the father sought custody because he alleged the mother had been homeless since February, and she agreed to stay with him at his mother’s house. He alleged the mother left the house Sept. 15 and tried to sleep in her car with the infant and her other three children.

The recommendation also said Flat Rock police were called during the situation and ordered the mother to return to the house or be arrested for outstanding warrants in Romulus. In the recommendation, the mother was said to have left the house two days later and did not return with the child, even though the father has an order for sole custody of the infant dated Oct. 10.

The mother told police she was uncomfortable with the environment her son was in at the father’s house and left the residence. She alleged the father and his mother “smoke marijuana and cigarettes all day” around the children.

Police advised the man to contact the court about the refusal to comply with the recommendation. The parents have a court date scheduled Nov. 4 to address the parental custody dispute.

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