Celebrity Extra

by Cindy Elavsky
Q: I am beyond excited that “Catching Fire” will be in theaters soon. I am really intrigued by all the new Tributes that will be battling it out in this film. What can you tell me about the actor who plays Brutus, the scary and kick-butt Tribute from District 2? — Haley W., via email

A: Bruno Gunn plays the brawny and vicious “Career Tribute” from District 2. And while Bruno certainly is brawny, he is anything but vicious. The Canton, Ohio, native is one of the nicest people I’ve ever interviewed, and he’s just as thrilled to be in “Catching Fire” as you are to see him in it.

Upon getting the news that he’d be playing Brutus, Bruno told me: “It was life-changing news. It’s life-changing information
when you get something like this. I have been fortunate enough to be working for the past 15 years doing guest stars and small roles and independent films. And then something of this caliber comes along — I was thrilled. Absolutely thrilled. I mean, it’s one of those moments you’ll never forget the rest of your life, to say the least.”

And while the training was intense, Bruno had a blast filming this movie: “It was one of those things where everybody was really focused on doing their work bringing their “A” game. And at the same time, as focused and serious as everybody was, it was one of those sets that had a very relaxed, fun vibe. We all knew what we were doing with this massive film, but at the same time, it was fun. There was a fun vibe on set. We were all just having a great time making memories and friendships. We did about two to three months of training leading up to the movie, and that was a blast.”
rolyn, Lubbock, TX