Officers acknowledged for service to community

Sunday Times Newspapers

RIVERVIEW — Seven police officers were given distinguished service awards for the closure in four separate cases Monday.

Police Chief Cliff Rosebohm presented the officers with meritorious service awards commemorating their outstanding service to the city and said it was proof of what the Police Department and its officers mean to the residents.

“They are our diplomats, decision makers, and are asked to do the unthinkable,” he said. “They are frequently asked to give up their holidays, their family time, and their bodies, so that this community can remain a safe and a great place to live. Our officers do this without asking for anything in return.”

Lt. Joe Jakubus, Detective Greg Bumgardner, and five other patrol officers — Robert Bemis, Richard Troup, Bruce Herrick, Derek Gentry, and Tim McClendon — were applauded by the mayor and council for that dedication.

“I grew up in this town and we’ve had a great police force since I’ve been here,” Councilman Elmer Trombley said after the presentation. “As we can see, this trend has continued. Keep up the good work.”

Councilman Thomas Coffey said the police have done a “great job” at keeping the city and its residents safe. He said he was proud to live in this city and proud to be in “one of the safest Downriver communities.”

“The police response and presence in this city is commendable,” he said. “Residents can go out at night and feel safe here. Sometimes, an individual would call to report an incident and officers are arriving on scene to handle it as they speak to dispatch. That allows residents and anyone else to ever have a fear while being in this community.”

Rosebohm said Jakubus and Herrick were recognized for a November 2012 fugitive arrest near Chase Bank, 17800 Fort St.

The officers noticed a man pacing around the entrance to the bank and believed he planned to rob the bank. As they questioned the man, he attempted to conceal his identity. Jakubus and Herrick arrested the man, for his conduct, and later identified him as a wanted man from the Chicago area for attempted murder and aggravated assault.

Bumgardner was recognized twice that night for his involvement into two separate cases. He received one for an investigation into a December 2012 criminal sexual conduct case that led to a guilty verdict and life sentence for the suspect.

Rosebohm said Bumgardner showed “exceptional persistance and dedication to the case,” which led to the conviction.

His other award recognized his combined efforts, with Troup and Gentry, in the June recovery of a missing teenager. Rosebohm said the teen was believed to have a medical condition and it was “critical the juvenile was found.”

Rosebohm said officers were able to find the teenager in Romulus “due to their relentless search.” The officers were also recognized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Center for Exploited Children for their recovery of the teenager.

Jakubus was awarded for a second time for assisting McClendon and Bemis on a March armed robbery arrest.

During the incident, a suspect broke into Goldview Jewelry, 18093 Fort St., with a hammer and stole an undisclosed amount of items from the store. Rosebohm said the officers chased and caught the suspect. He was later arrested and charged for the armed robbery, but McClendon was injured during the foot chase.

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