Lincoln Park Elections

Patricia Diaz Krause
1. Who are You? (50-word limit)
Lincoln Park Mayor Patricia Diaz Krause, lifetime resident, 40-plus years community activist and volunteer. Lincoln Park’s biggest cheerleader. A public servant – not a politician. Wayne State University graduate. Business professional with more than 40 years experience. Ford Motor Company retiree. 2012 Wayne County Women of Distinction recipient.

2. Why are you running for office, and why should people vote for you? (75-word limit)
I do what I say I’m going to do, then deliver more. I addressed every pledge I made in 2011 and continue to prove that my energy, focus and passion is to serve the residents and the city. I keep daily office hours and work full-time though the Charter states it is part-time; never missed a council meeting; gladly took a 20 percent pay cut. Regularly meet with and assist residents; boosted volunteerism and increased pride in Lincoln Park.

3. What are two key issues facing the city and what should be done about them? (100-word limit)
Decreasing revenue and property maintenance:
Decreasing revenue – While we have cut budget expenses, many of our costs are fixed like pension and health care costs. Additionally, property tax revenues have been decreasing due to lower property values and state government has greatly reduced revenue sharing. 
Property Maintenance – Another reason for lower property values is due to poorly-maintained or blighted properties. Clean, well-kept properties help increase property values. They also attract new residents and businesses which increases revenue.
I will continue my ongoing efforts to strengthen and enforce property maintenance and building code ordinances. I will continue promoting our city to potential business owners and support efforts to revitalize our business districts.

Thomas Karnes
Did not respond by the deadline.

Donna Breeding
Did not respond by the deadline.

Richard Kudrak
Declined to answer.

COUNCIL (six from 10)
James Chapman
1. My names is James F. Chapman III , I have been a resident of Lincoln Park for over 15 years now. I have been married to my beautiful wife Tracey for 20 years and we have 5 children. I have been a volunteer my entire adult life. I am an Electrician by trade and a member of the U.S.W.A.

2. I am running for office for the simple reason that many in our community feel that the city is going in the wrong direction. I bring to the table a host of new and fresh ideas that will put us back on track. We have seen an unfortunate divisiveness in our city’s elected officials for too long, a city cannot run efficiently if our council cannot get along and put the city’s best interests before personnel interests.

3. One of the key issues facing the city is public safety, there are those who think that layoffs in the police department is one way to fix the budget. I whole heartedly disagree with that. This is creating fatigued officers working too much overtime and being stretched too thin. We are paying more in overtime than we would for full time officers, this makes no sence whatsoever. Less safety, less residents, less taxes, simple math. The other key issue is abandoned homes. If we bring back business and convenient shopping then the tax dollars stay in our city and potential residents want to live here, safety again factors into this equation.

Christopher Dardzinksi
1. Who are you?
45 year old International trade analyst. Plus I am publisher/economist of FRN Newsletter. 13 1/2 year resident of Lincoln Park. Not married, no kids, but in a committed relationship. Raised in Wyandotte, I am a Christian/Catholic.

2. Why are you running for office, and why should people vote for you?
I have a 7 year revitalization plan for the community. URL: and read every word. The main goal is to change the city’s revenue dynamic from residential-property-tax heavy, to relying on revenue from a revitalized business district(s). It will require involved residents, Mayor, Council, boards and commissions to work as a “whole city team.” Be it tree cutting, roads, sewage lines , more police, it all comes back to making Lincoln Park “The place to be Downriver.” We must be the destination spot, it must be our positive mindset.

3. What are two key issues facing the city and what should be done about them?
Revenue: Residential property tax base will fall for several more years, before it bottoms out. It cannot be the “majority component” of the city’s revenue. My 7 year plan changes that dynamic. Please read my whole plan, which is divided into 38 action steps, then decide which action steps you want to become a leader, helping me work on. You will be working directly with a city councilman to make it happen.

Police: If you don’t have police you don’t have a community worth living in. We need two more platoons of cops, and we need more revenue to do that. Chris Dardzinski Candidate for City Council. E-mail: Website: Cell: 734.775.2267

Mark Kandes
1. My name is Mark Kandes and I am running for Lincoln Park City Council. It has been an honor to serve the citizens of Lincoln Park as a Councilman for the last 12 years, two as Council President. I am the senior Physical Therapist at the Oakwood Southgate Physical Therapy clinic. I graduated in 1997 from Grand Valley State University with a Master’s degree. My wife, Amy, is a homecare nurse with the Henry Ford Health System. Our daughters, Isabella and Sophia are a constant source of joy for us.

2. During my 12 years on the council I’ve learned a wealth of knowledge and I will apply these experiences to future situations. I do not accept campaign contributions; therefore, I do not have to repay a debt to contributors with my vote! I will make educated decisions and always vote in the best interests of our city. I have the desire and time to serve the city and I will represent the city with professionalism and open-mindedness. I have the necessary leadership skills to make the tough decisions, thus helping to guide the city toward success. Our city needs strong leadership to champion our prospects. I am a strong leader and a team player. I can fill these shoes! I will work hard for the citizens of Lincoln Park.

3. Two key issues facing the City of Lincoln Park is the city’s fiscal crisis and blight/code enforcement. The City Lincoln Park cannot continue on the path of spending more than revenues. We are stealing money and services from future years. The city must streamline every department, utilize part-time employees at a significant savings and continue with aggressive pursuit of service consolidation with neighboring cities. I have been pushing for restructuring of the Building Department. We will soon have a plan in place to have our rental inspection and home resale programs running efficiently and effectively. Strengthening and enforcing codes for rental properties is a necessity. The city and our court must work together to enforce and uphold our code mandates. I would recommend hiring a dual trained part-time police officer, using DDA money, to enforce traffic and code violations strictly within the DDA area.

Larry Kelsey
The first part is the following:
I am a resident of Lincoln Park, and have lived here most of my life. I am married, have two daughters, a step son, and one granddaughter. I got a honorable discharge from the Army after serving my country. I worked for Ford Motor Company in Dearborn for thirty eight years. During that time I served 14 years as a elected officer of my UAW Local and eventually became President and Chairman of my Local and retired in 2007.

My reason for running is quite simple: I believe that you should be involved in the community you live in. To that I have been appointed and served on the Public Safety Commission over the Police and Fire in Lincoln Park.(Had to resign to run for City Council) I have attended numerous meetings with many Lincoln Park city organizations to be better informed of what is happening in our city. I am President of the Citizens Patrol Watch in Lincoln Park. We do patrols and graffiti removal. I am also a member of the Citizens Emergency Response Team (CERT) in Lincoln Park that trains to help in disasters. I am committed to improving our city and want what is best for our residents. I feel that by being elected as your Councilman I can bring fresh ideas to the table, work with all the people on the council/Mayor, and assist in moving Lincoln Park forward to make it a better city for everyone.

Two of the main issues I feel effect Lincoln Park are Public Safety and the Finances of the city. The way the economy is in Michigan, a better system needs to be in place to fund Public Safety and look at ways we can consolidate our services with other cities if that is what it will take to get us back on track. As far as finances are concerned that is a more complicated issue. Our city has asked for a consent agreement with the state. Collectively we need to work with groups to try and bring new revenue into the city as well as evaluating what we can do currently – such as revisiting the way we do things and how we spend our money. But a lot will depend on what the state tells the city.

Thomas Murphy
1. Who are you? (50-word limit)
I am currently serving as the President of the City Council. I have also served as City Treasurer and Councilman. I am a retired Financial Manager and business owner. I have lived in Lincoln Park for over 56 years. My wife Eva and I have two sons and one grandson.

2. Why are you running for office, and why should people vote for you?
(75-word limit) I have always been very active in our community in my 56 years as a resident. I have the knowledge and experience in government and in business to make a positive difference. I know our people and I still believe we can be a great city! Being retired in business, I make it a point to make myself available to our residents who need assistance. My number is in the phone book, and I do make house calls!

3. What are two key issues facing the city and what should be done about
them? (100-word limit)
Finances are our number one priority. Our property values and revenue have dropped more than 50 percent but our bills only get higher. It took the bad national economy several years to get us here and it will take us just as long to recover. Time, watching our pennys, and cutting more expenses are the only answer!
The other issue is police protection. Without our police making this community safe, we will have nothing. We have to hire more officers! If we protect the lives of our residents, we have done our best, despite the States demands to cut cost!

Mario DiSanto (i), Deborah Henderson, Joseph Kaiser Jr. (i), Thomas Parkinson (letter sent, no email); Elliott Zelenak (letter sent, no email).