1. GEOGRAPHY: Where is the Levantine Basin found?
2. ART: Who created the work titled “Twittering Machine”?
3. LANGUAGE: What does the Greek word “dactyl” mean?
4. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: How long is a giraffe’s tongue, on average?
5. THEATER: Actor Richard Burbage was closely associated with which famous playwright?
6. LITERATURE: Who wrote the book “Where the Wild Things Are”?
7. TELEVISION: Who played the lead female character in “The Bionic Woman”?
8. MEDICAL: What is the common name for “tinea pedis”?
9. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What does a lepidopterist study?
10. MEASUREMENTS: How much champagne does a magnum hold?

1. Mediterranean Sea
2. Paul Klee
3. Finger
4. 18 inches
5. Shakespeare
6. Maurice Sendak
7. Lindsay Wagner
8. Athlete’s foot
9. Butterflies or moths
10. Two standard bottles

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