TOP TEN VIDEO, DVD for Oct. 21, 2013

Top 10 DVD,
Blu-ray Rentals

1. Iron Man 3 (PG-13) Robert Downey Jr.
2. World War Z (PG-13) Brad Pitt
3. This Is the End (R) James Franco
4. The Great Gatsby (PG-13) Leonardo DiCaprio
5. Now You See Me (PG-13) Jesse Eisenberg
6. Star Trek Into Darkness (PG-13) Chris Pine
7. Redemption (R) Leonardo DiCaprio
8. Oblivion (PG-13) Tom Cruise
9. The Frozen Ground (R) Nicolas Cage
10. Epic (PG) animated

Top 10 DVD,
Blu-ray Sales

1. The Croods (PG) FOX
2. The Little Mermaid — Diamond Edition (G) Disney
3. Iron Man 3 (PG-13) Disney
4. This Is the End (R) Sony
5. World War Z (PG-13) Paramount
6. The Wizard of Oz — 75th Anniversary Edition (PG) Warner Bros.
7. Star Trek Into Darkness (PG-13) Paramount
8. The Frozen Ground (R) Lionsgate
9. Now You See Me (PG-13) Summit
10. The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Sixth Season (NR) Warner Bros.

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