Greg Vaughn stars as “Eric” on “Days of Our Lives.”

Hope heard the words from Wyatt that she always wanted to hear from Liam — that there will never be another girl in his life but her. Katie confronted Bill about being disrespectful to her in the boardroom. Brooke advised Liam to take a step back from his relationship to allow Hope time to decide whom she wants to be with. An uncomfortable run-in with Rick and Caroline put a damper on Maya’s wedding planning with Victor. Wyatt learned that Quinn was the one who sent the video to Hope. Dayzee confronted Maya about her lingering feelings for Rick. Liam asked Hope for another chance. Rick whisked Caroline off to a surprise destination. Wait to See: Maya gets her heart broken again.

Chad was rushed into surgery after Marge shot him. Stefano bartered with God for Chad’s life. Sami was clearly affected by Roman’s warning about marrying into the DiMera family. Nicole told Brady a shocking secret about Kristen. Jennifer had a shaky encounter with the scheming Theresa. As he stood before the judge, JJ felt the consequences of what he had done. Eric came to a horrifying realization about what happened in the hotel. Nicole’s plan backfired, and Brady said their friendship was over. EJ was stunned when Sami made an unexpected decision about their wedding. Jennifer attacked Theresa for ruining JJ’s life. A jealous Kate investigated Jordan’s past. Wait to See: Will is offered a job in California.

Anna arrived at Faison’s prison. Patrick confided in Sabrina that he heard Robin’s voice. Franco warned Derek to stay away from Carly. Silas asked Sam if they could start over. Kiki and Michael consummated their relationship. Morgan learned more about Ava’s past. Jerry continued holding Robin hostage. Franco’s plan to make Carly jealous backfired on him. Sam wondered why Alexis used her name to get a lab test submitted. Sonny tried to convince Duke that Julian Jerome was alive. Britt watched the threatening video she received from her mother. Patrick told Elizabeth about the strange phone call he received that led him to believe that Robin was alive. Wait to See: Morgan is given a deadly ultimatum.

Adam and Chelsea’s son needed surgery to save his eyesight. Kevin and Chloe worked on rebuilding their relationship. Dylan asked Nikki if she blamed him for Nick and Avery’s split. Adam assured Chelsea that he wouldn’t take Connor away from her. Later, Chelsea lit into Victor and said that he would have no role in her son’s life. Victor asked his daughter to head up the merger of Chancellor Industries and Newman Enterprises. Adam was willing to turn to the black market to find a cornea for his baby son. Nick told Sharon that he didn’t blame her for trying to recapture their earlier life when Cassie was alive. Wait to See: Eileen Davidson returns as Ashley.

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