Police Blotter

Man arrested for stealing from Kroger

Police responded to a report of a man being held for a larceny inside Kroger, 15255 Michigan Ave., about 6:45 p.m. Oct. 15.

A loss prevention officer inside the store told police he had observed the man walking down an aisle with two bright yellow packages, one in each pocket. When the man turned away from him, he saw what appeared to be additional items hidden inside the man’s clothing.

When approached by the loss prevention officer, the man turned and put itmes onto a shelf, but still had the boxes in his pockets.

Police officers arrived and had the man remove the items from his pockets. Inside the man’s two front pockets were two boxes of Neosporin.

The man told the officers he was taking the merchandise “due to needing to pay for something for his child.”

Officers arrested, handcuffed and searched the man, finding other items belonging to the store.

He was apprehended without incident.

One suspect caught, a second escapes after theft
A 60-year-old Detroit woman was arrested and a second suspect is being sought after the theft of razor blades from CVS/pharmacy, 15325 Michigan Ave., just before noon Oct. 14.

The loss prevention officer inside the store told police the two suspects entered the store together and were observed in the aisle near the razor blades. He also said he watched them remove packages from the shelf and place them in their pockets and purse.

After observing this, the loss prevention officer walked to the exit of the store and observed the suspects passing the cash registers without stopping to pay for the merchandise.

He attempted to stop them and was successful getting the woman to stop, but the man ran out of the store doors and into the parking lot.

Police officers arrived at the store and found a package of Gilette Fusion razor blades, valued at $29.49, in the woman’s purse and took her into custody.

Officers did not find the male suspect near the store, but was described as being black and in his 50s. They believe he may have fled the store in a green Chevrolet.

Police officers ran a background check on the woman and discovered she was wanted on a warrant in Ferndale and that she had an extensive criminal history with multiple felony convictions for larceny, robbery and narcotics.

Dearborn Heights
Walker attacked, robbed

A man walking near the intersection of Eton and Roosevelt was attacked and robbed of a backpack just after 10 p.m. Oct. 11.

The victim told police he was walking east on Eton when three teenage boys approached him from behind. One of the boys grabbed the backpack off his arm while another punched him on the right side of his face.

After the assault teens attempted to flee, but the victim chased them. The victim said that the suspect carrying the backpack dropped it during the chase and all three suspects fled out of sight.

Police responded to the scene but were unable to locate the suspects.

The victim said he did not recognize the suspects, but described them as looking roughly 14 years old with two of the suspects being black and one white.

Gun stolen from vehicle
A man reported the theft of a handgun that was inside his vehicle in the 25000 block of Norfolk Oct. 12.

The victim stated that he kept the Para-Ordanance .45-caliber semi-automatic 10-shot model pistol with a 3.5-inch barrel inside the glove box of his 1999 Mercury and that he had last seen the weapon about 10:30 p.m. Oct. 7.

When he entered the vehicle at 11:45 p.m. Oct. 11, he discovered the theft and searched for the weapon before informing police.

The victim told police that he only drove the vehicle to and from work and that it was always kept in the driveway of his residence.

No damage was reported on the vehicle and nothing of evidentiary value was found.

Lincoln Park
Would-be robber leaves without loot

Police and bank officials took note of a nervous man who demanded money from a teller before changing his mind and “going to another bank.”

Shortly before noon Oct. 12, a white man believed to be 30 years old wearing a Tigers ball cap entered PNC Bank, 3984. The man made himself a cup of coffee at a complimentary station and then walked directly to a teller’s window, skipping the line of customers.

“I am sick and dying and I don’t care,” the man reportedly told the teller. He demanded “all the money in the bin,” and told the teller to keep her hands where he could see them. The teller told police she was afraid he would harm her, but before she could obey his demands he “made a comment about the alarm and stated he was going to another bank.”

No weapon was seen or implied during the attempt. The man left the building on foot, although he may have been seen getting into a vehicle.

Police interviewed witnesses, collected evidence and are investigating.

Door kicked in during burglary attempt
A woman told police she may have twice been victimized by a burglar when she returned home to find a side door had been kicked in and her house ransacked.

Police responded at 11:45 a.m. Monday to a call from the 2900 block of Bailey. The woman said she returned home to find the damaged door and some items thrown around, and a bedroom window open that may have been the burglar’s exit point.

The woman said her house had previously been broken into and she believed the same suspects may have been in the house when she returned. Police checked for evidence and are investigating.

Drunken teenager steals lawn equipment

While patrolling west on Outer Drive near Allen Road, police observed a man walking and pushing two lawnmowers down the street. Police said approached the 18-year-old to question him about the lawn equipment and noticed he was also carrying a lawn tiller. The man told police he owned a lawn care business and was taking the equipment back to his house.

He said he just left the area of Allen Road and Morris, but police said that was not feasible because he was walking toward Allen Road and he could not provide them with his previous location.

The man smelled like alcohol, police said, and appeared to be intoxicated. The man stated he did not drink any alcohol, but was given a preliminary breath test that resulted in a .074 blood alcohol content. In Michigan, the legal limit is .08. He was arrested for underage drinking and placed in the an officer’s patrol vehicle.

Police searched the area for a possible break-in and located a house in the 24400 block of Outer Drive where the gate to the backyard was open and the shed appeared to be open. They said the shed was full except for a large empty space and made contact with the homeowner.

The homeowner checked the shed and told police what was missing. He said there was a lawnmower, push vacuum and a tiller missing and police asked him to identify the items from the equipment confiscated from the 18-year-old. The items were positively identified and returned to the homeowner

The 18-year-old was charged with the burglary and the underage drinking.

Police ends chase after possible handgun pulled
A police officer observed an illegally-tinted vehicle traveling north on Schaefer Highway toward Raupp Road about 6:26 p.m. Oct. 14. They ran the vehicle’s plates through the Law Enforcement Information Network which informed officers the driver’s license was suspended. A traffic stop was initiated on Schaefer north of Greenfield, police said, but the driver did not stop right away.

Before the officer could make contact with the driver, the vehicle began to drive away and the officer began following the vehicle. Police said the vehicle travelled through a red light at Schaefer and Butler before it turned onto I-94. The vehicle was said to be driving erratically and the officer noticed the driver reach into the passenger seat for something. The officer said the object appeared to be a handgun because of the profile and he terminated his pursuit of the vehicle.

The vehicle is described as a dark-gray or grayish-purple Ford Taurus, in poor condition, with tints on the front, back and rear windows. No exact model year was given for the vehicle.

Man with suspended license drives through light

Police officers were patrolling the 19800 block of Fort Street when they observed a man drive through a traffic light near the Greentrees Apartments about 6 p.m. Sept. 24. The driver was stopped and told police he was rushing to Burger King, 19010 Fort St., because he was diabetic and his blood sugar was low.

Police ran a check, through the Law Enforcement Information Network, on the man’s license plate and found it was expired. The man said he knew the plate was expired, but he had to wait until November to renew the vehicle’s registration. The Fire Department arrived on scene and a paramedic tested the man’s blood sugar, which registered within normal levels.

Police said the man had a warrant out of Belleville for an unpaid speeding ticket. The man was ticketed for his suspended license and the expired plates. He was given a warning for driving through the red light.

TV taken from home

A family returned home after just one hour away and found a 42-inch TV missing after one or more burglars broke in to their house in the 9500 block of East Pickwick.

Police responded at 2:30 p.m. Oct. 12 and were told that the family had left just an hour earlier and noticed a sliding back door that had been closed was slightly ajar. Investigators noted a kitchen screen window that had been sliced.

The $400 TV was taken from an upstairs bedroom, and the homeowners were to confirm any other missing items. Police checked for evidence and are investigating.

Disturbance call ends in arrest

Police responded just before midnight Oct. 10 to reports of a fight that ended with one of the would-be brawlers taken into custody for an outstanding warrant.

Two men had reportedly stepped out of a van in front of a basement unit in the 3900 block of Fort Street. A neighbor told police that loud banging had been heard and one of the men was throwing beer bottles at a window while screaming profanities. Responding officers heard a man inside yelling, “I’m going to kill you.”

Inside police found two men and a woman in a small room, whom they ordered to lay on the ground. The men were uncooperative and continued swearing at the officers.

Police were told that the three — one of whom was the maintenance supervisor of the building — had been playing pool at a nearby bar where the two men argued with other men. They’d been planning to return to the bar, and one man was punching an old refrigerator while yelling the threats that had been overheard.

A check with the Law Enforcement Information Network returned a warrant for one of the men, who was taken into custody by Wyandotte police.

Computer, CDs stolen from vehicle

A resident in the 740 block of Eureka said someone broke into his vehicle between 11:30 p.m Oct. 13 and 7:45 a.m. Oct. 14. The man told police he parked in front of his house around 11:30 p.m. the night before and locked the vehicle.

About 7:45 a.m., he approached the vehicle and noticed there was damage to the door and the door handle. He said he opened the door and noticed the center console was opened and its contents were moved around.

A tablet computer and four CDs were taken from the vehicle, police said, and there are no witnesses or suspects at this time.

(Compiled by Gabriel Goodwin, James Mitchell and Bob Oliver.)