Police Blotter

Allen Park
Backpack, samurai swords stolen

A witness called police about two men walking in the 9800 block of Colwell Avenue and entering unlocked vehicles on the street about 1:40 a.m. Sept. 27. Police arrived and followed a suspect east through a backyard.

In all, three vehicles were broken into and $6 and an unknown amount of loose change, a backpack with school books, and two samurai swords were taken. The backpack and two swords were found lying on the ground behind a neighboring garage, but the money was not.

Police contacted the owner of the vehicles and returned the recovered items. Both victims said the vehicles were left unlocked overnight and were not sure if any other items were taken.

The men were said to be between 5 feet 8 inches and 5 feet 10 inches tall, average build and wearing all black. Police said both men were wearing white ghost masks resembling the mask from “Scream” movies.

Fleeing vehicle caught
A vehicle involved in a Lincoln Park hit-and-run Sept. 24 was seen traveling west on Southfield Road near I-75. The victim told police the car had front end damage and the gave them the last four numbers of the license plate. Lincoln Park reported the description of the vehicle to Downriver Dispatch. Allen Park police observed the vehicle near Southfield Road and I-94 about 11 p.m.

Officers confirmed the vehicle’s description, conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle, and detained the driver. The driver was arrested and transported to the Lincoln Park Police Department. The vehicle was impounded.

Camera removed from vehicle

A “spot tester” professional camera was stolen and later abandoned from a vehicle parked in a driveway in the 100 block of Turnberry Lane at 8:46 a.m. Oct. 6

The owner told police that the camera had been left overnight in his gray 2007 Buick Lucerne, but that the vehicle was unlocked.

When he exited his house in the morning, the victim discovered the inside of the car ransacked and the camera missing. He then conducted a search of the area and found the case to it in his neighbor’s yard with the camera still inside.

The victim retrieved the camera and case before officers arrived but informed them that it no longer worked because it had been left out in the rain. He also told police that the camera was valued at $8,000.

Nothing else was reported missing from the vehicle and there was no damage to the locks, window or ignition.

No suspect information was available.

Vehicle stolen from driveway
A man exiting his house to go to work called police after discovering that his white 2014 Ford Escape had been stolen from the 100 block of Turnberry Lane on about 11:15 a.m. Oct. 6

The victim said he parked the vehicle in the driveway around 10 p.m. during the previous night and had left it unlocked with the ignition key on the passenger seat.

He also told police he did not know who would have stolen the vehicle and that no one else had permission to drive it.

The victim added that though he could not be certain of a suspect, he had observed someone two weeks before who was walking around the neighborhood and had aroused his suspicion.

A black Dell laptop that was inside the vehicle was also stolen.

Police believe that the crime could be related to three other larcenies from automobiles that occurred in the same block of Turnberry that night.

Dearborn Heights
House broken into

A woman returning from vacation discovered that her house had been broken into in the 25000 block of Yale about 2 p.m. Oct. 2.

The victim told police that she had left the residence on Sept. 22 around midnight and that the house had been empty while she was gone.

At some point during the vacation the house was entered by an unknown person, who removed a GPS unit, some jewelry and a plastic bag that contained around $100 in quarters.

Police inspected the house and observed the damage done to the front door. but no suspect information was available.

Attempted ATV theft
Police were called to investigate the attempted theft of a green 2007 Kawasaki quad runner from a house in the 25000 block of Annapolis just before 2 p.m. Oct. 6.

The victim said that about 1 a.m. his son alerted him that someone was trying to start the ATV.

Both the owner and his son ran outside to investigate and observed a thin man, roughly 5 feet 6 inches tall wearing a hoodie and jeans near the vehicle.

The man fled as they exited the house and was pursued of foot north of the residence. He was last seen heading west on Lehigh from Beech Daly.

A neighbor, who also lives in the 25000 block of Annapolis, later informed the victim that they had a surveillance camera on their property and that the footage showed what appeared to be a second person acting as a lookout from the backyard of the house.

Police viewed the footage and noted that the second person could be seen pulling what looked like a handgun out of the waistband of his pants and then returning it a few seconds later.

Officers also reported that here is roughly eight minutes of footage of the person on tape, which the owner said he would copy to turn over to police.

Lincoln Park
Boy’s bicycle stolen at school

Police are looking for a young man or teenager who threatened a group of boys at Keppen Elementary School, 661 Mill St. with a knife before riding off on one of the student’s bicycles.

The boys told investigators they were on the playground about 2:45 p.m. Oct. 5 and saw a man — estimated as 17 or 18 with a scar on his face — pick up one of the bicycles on the other side of the playground lot and begin riding away. The boys chased the man, who pulled a knife from his pocket and pointed it toward them. The chase stopped and the suspect rode away and the boys called 911.

Police were unable to locate the suspect, took note of his description and are investigating.

Woman causes disturbance

Police were called to the 18800 block of Ruth Avenue about 3:40 a.m. Sept. 28 where a woman was creating a disturbance. Police gained control of the situation and began to question the man and woman involved in the situation. She told police he hit her in the face, but had not been physical with her before.

Officers said there was no bruising or other visible marks and they could smell intoxicants on the woman. She said she did not have contact with her boyfriend for a majority of the day and went to house house to check on him.

The boyfriend told police she does not live at the residence and came to the house multiple times while he was sleep. He said she was banging on the windows and making loud noises to try and gain access to the house.

When police arrived, the boyfriend was trying to talk her into leaving the house, so his mother could sleep. He told police she was going to tell them he hit her in the face, then she slapped herself in the face and jumped on the hood of his vehicle.

Police said there were fingerprints and smudges on the hood of the vehicle. The woman was sent home by police after the incident and her boyfriend said he plans to get a personal protection order against her.

Gear taken from vehicle

A man who’d left a passenger-side window slightly open on his car told police that sometime during the night someone stole a $300 GPS unit and Bluetooth device.

Police responded to a call at 8 a.m. Oct. 3 from the 12000 block of DeVoe, where a man said he’d parked at 11 p.m. Wednesday and noticed the items missing on Thursday morning. He showed police that the side window had been left about two inches open, and police found no sign of forced entry.

Plate taken off car
The owner of a 2003 Chevy Malibu told police that sometime between Oct. 4 and 6, his Michigan license plate was taken from the vehicle.

The man said he’d parked near his apartment in the 13000 block of Pineridge Lane, and hadn’t seen the back of the vehicle until that morning. Police noted the plate number and entered it into the Law Enforcement Information Network.

Break-in nets electronics, cash

A man reported the theft of more than $3,000 worth of electronics and jewelry along with cash earmarked as rent. Police responded to a call at 1:30 a.m. Oct. 1 from a home in the 14000 block of Bailey Avenue, where a man said he’d been gone since noon and returned to find the door ajar. Missing items included DVDs, two TVs, and video equipment valued at $1,500, a $1,500 Movado watch and cash intended as rent.

Investigators took note of pry marks around a broken door frame, believed to be the point of entry. Police noted descriptions of the stolen items and are investigating.

Rented merchandise taken in theft
A woman reported the theft of more than $1,000 worth of rented electronics, including a 60-inch TV and two video game players.

Police responded to a call at 1 a.m. Oct. 3 from an apartment in the 13000 block of Princeton Avenue. The woman had left home Wednesday and returned to discover a sliding door open. Investigators observed that the lock had been broken, checked for evidence and are investigating.

Card fraud results in mounting bill

A woman whose Sam’s Club card had been used to make $12,000 in unauthorized purchases was told that the company erred when her statement reflected nearly twice that amount in fraudulent charges.

On Oct. 6, the woman told police that she had been contacted by the retailer in August regarding two $6,000 purchases made that month. The woman told store officials she did not make the purchases, and was advised not to worry about it. Last month she received statements that included billing for the $12,000 — plus additional unauthorized expenses totaling more than $21,000.

“Someone didn’t do something they were supposed to,” the woman was told, according to police reports. The woman, store officials and police are investigating.

Phones stolen at gunpoint

Officers respond to an armed robbery complaint at 6:35 p.m. Oct. 5. The victims were walking north on 1st Street near North Drive when an olive green Saturn coupe pulled up behind them, they told police, when the passenger of the vehicle got out of the car and demanded their cell phones at gunpoint.

One of the victims noticed the attacker had a cross tattoo on the middle finger of his left hand. The gunman was described as a white male wearing all black with his shirt pulled up to his eyes and the driver was said to be a black male.

The victims said the suspects looked to be 19 years old, and they saw the vehicle travel north on 1st Street, east on North Drive, then north on Biddle Avenue. Police said a victim’s father tried to contact the phone company to track the phone, but the company refused to give its location to him. The company said it did not want the victims to attempt to find the phone on their own.

Police did not find the suspects in the immediate area and are still investigating the incident.

(Compiled by Gabriel Goodwin, James Mitchell and Bob Oliver.)