Police Blotter

Allen Park
Man returns items directly from shelves

Home Depot loss prevention officers detained a man trying to return rolls of leak barrier material he took off the shelf Sept. 23. The man was observed on surveillance video inside the store, 3163 Fairlane Drive, in its building department taking four rolls of the leak barrier and placing them in a shopping cart.

Loss prevention officers saw the man walk to the returns desk and attempt to return the unpaid items without a receipt. The return was completed by the store clerk, they said, and the man exited the store.

He was stopped and detained by the officers until the police arrived. He was arrested for the theft and held without bond because of prior retail fraud arrests.

$14,400 in items from phone store
Six unknown men broke the glass entry door of the AT&T Wireless store, 23180 Outer Drive, at 3:20 a.m. Sept. 20 and took five large boxes and left the store. Police said the boxes contained about 180 home phone bases valued at $80 each.

Surveillance video caught the men using a crow bar to break the glass and pry open the office door. The men attempted to access the store’s safe, but were unsuccessful. Police said the men were in the store for about a minute and a half and left in three separate vehicles.

The vehicles were described as an unknown turquoise or blue sedan, a white sport utility vehicle believed to be an Infiniti FX35, and a late-1970s or early ’80s Chevrolet Caprice with 20- or 23-inch chrome rims. Police said the men were black, of medium height and build, and wearing white face masks, hooded sweatshirts and gloves.

Police looking for motorcyclist

A motorcyclist riding without a license plate fled from a police officer trying to pull him over just before 4 p.m. Sept. 21.

The officer was in a marked vehicle patrolling when he observed the black motorcycle traveling east on Ford Road. He turned on his lights and pulled behind the motorcycle to conduct a traffic stop, but the motorcyclist refused to stop.

The chase continued east on Ford at a high rate of speed and then the motorcycle turned north on the Southfield Freeway service drive.

The officer continued to pursue the motorcycle, but terminated the chase at Paul
Street, which is the border between Dearborn and Detroit.

The make and year of the model are unknown.

No suspect information was available.

City owned property broken into
A man returning home from grocery shopping called the police after he noticed that a garage door was ajar at a vacated home in the 5100 block of Palmer about 10:30 p.m. Sept. 21.

Police officers responded and inspected the door, which they determined had been kicked in due to damage found around the lock area.

They then searched the house and found that the front door was boarded in place, leading them to believe that the house had been previously broken into.

Officers discovered that copper piping had been stolen from the basement, but due to the possibility of a previous break-in they could not determine if the theft had recently occurred or not.

Because the property is unoccupied, the officers were unable to establish a time frame for the break-in.

After searching the house, the officers re-secured the garage door and locked it.

Dearborn Heights
Jewelry, cash stolen from house

Police responded to a report of a home invasion in the 25000 block of Powers just after midnight Sept. 20.

The victim told police she left the house locked and secure about 9:15 p.m. and returned at 11:45 p.m.

When she returned, she discovered that the rear bedroom window was busted out by a rock and that the window frame was unlocked and opened.

She searched the house and found that assorted jewelry and about $800 in cash in assorted bills and coins had been taken.

Officers searched the house and area but were unable to find anything of evidentiary value.

Police are investigating the incident.

Tires stolen from vehicle
A man exiting his house at 7:47 a.m. Sept. 23 discovered that all four wheels were taken from his vehicle in the 21000 block of Ann Arbor Trail.

The man told police he parked his black Lincoln MKS in the driveway overnight and that he did not hear or see anything suspicious.

Police searched the area and discovered a dark blue sweatshirt on the ground next to the front passenger side of the vehicle.

The said the sweater did not belong to him or any member of his family.

Police tagged the sweater as evidence but were unable to find anything else of
evidentiary value.

No suspect information was available.

Lincoln Park
Robbers loot home while woman sleeps

Two men in their early 20s made off with a 72-inch TV and other electronics while a woman slept in her bedroom, police said.

Police were notified at 8:30 a.m. Sept. 21 that two men — a tall thin black man with “pants falling down” and a short, light-skinned man — carryied a large television out of a house in the 1800 block of College.

Responding officers saw the front door open and could hear loud music from inside. They knocked, announced their presence and entered the home. The woman was found asleep in a bedroom, and police at first were unable to awaken her.

A rescue team arrived and the woman woke up. She declined medical treatment and said she had been to a Detroit casino until about 4 a.m., and had invited two men home with her. According to police reports, “She did not know their names and could not recall what they looked like.” She said she had fallen asleep soon after returning home with the men.

The woman told responding officers that missing items included the TV, a PlayStation 3 video game system and other electronics.

Police interviewed a neighbor, who described the two men leaving in a charcoal-colored SUV. Police are investigating.

Couple mugged by two teens
Shortly after 4 a.m. Sept. 21, a man and woman were assaulted and robbed at gunpoint by two teenagers, believed to be 17 or 18 years old.

Police responded to the call from the intersection of Empire and Oconner Avenue, where a couple in their mid-20s said they were walking down the street when they were approached from behind by two black men, each about 5 feet 7 inches tall wearing hooded sweatshirts, black pants and with dark bandanas covering their faces.

One of the men hit the woman on the back of the shoulder and then pulled her backward. She told police she saw one of the men had a semi-automatic handgun. She was told to sit on the sidewalk, while the other man knocked the man to the ground and began hitting him.

The two teens took the man’s wallet, which contained bridge and Social Security cards, but didn’t take anything from the woman.

Police were unable to locate the suspects in the area. The man and woman did not want medical treatment for bruises, and police are investigating.

Truck stolen from hotel lot

A man staying at Holiday Inn, 17201 North Line, told police that his 2006 Ford F-250 was stolen while he was at a concert.

Police responded to the hotel at 9 a.m. Sept. 22, and were told that the man left for the concert at 4 p.m. Sept. 21 traveling in a vehicle driven by his girlfriend. When he returned shortly after midnight, he hadn’t noticed whether the truck was in the lot, but in the morning discovered it had been stolen.

The man had all keys to the vehicle, valued at $20,000, and said he was current in his payments. Hotel staff told investigators they would examine and make available security video footage.

Police entered the vehicle’s description into the Law Enforcement Information Network and are investigating.

Burglar takes TVs, electronics from home

A burglar may have left fingerprints behind after taking two TVs and a video game system from a woman’s home in the 15000 block of Court Village Lane.

Police responded to a call shortly before midnight Sept. 22, from a woman who said she’d left about noon and returned home to discover the theft. She told police she didn’t know how entry was gained, but investigators discovered pry marks outside a kitchen window, the frame of which held multiple fingerprints.

Police noted descriptions of the stolen items and are investigating.

Woman reports stolen cash, jewelry
Police responded to a call at 10:45 a.m. Sept. 22 from a woman who said that a diamond wedding ring, gold necklaces and $900 in cash were stolen from her home office.

The woman said she’d left for work at 8 a.m., and returned home for lunch to discover a broken front window and entry door open. She had left the home locked and secured, she said. Police checked for evidence and are investigating.

Vehicle theft thought to be revenge

A vehicle parked in the 2800 block of Blanche Avenue was reported stolen at 6:37 a.m. Sept. 19. The witness said he last saw the black 1996 Jeep about midnight, but when woke up about 6:30 a.m. it was missing.

He said the vehicle had green tape around the rear driver’s side window and a smashed front end. Police contacted the owner of the vehicle and she said there was only one set of keys to the vehicle.

The man told police he believed someone arrested at the house where the vehicle was parked may have stolen the vehicle to get revenge on the owner. The owner told police no one else had permission to drive the vehicle and it was paid for. The vehicle was entered into the Law Enforcement Information Network as stolen.

MP3 player, sunglasses taken from vehicle
Police responded to a theft complaint in the 3500 block of Northpointe at 7:36 a.m. Sept. 20. The owner told police his vehicle was parked about 2:20 a.m., but it was left unlocked overnight.

When he approached the vehicle, about 7:30 a.m., he noticed the driver’s door was open and a 16-gigabyte MP3 player and pair of sunglasses were missing from the center console.

There were no witnesses or suspects at the time of the report.

Woman falls victim to $1,000 cable bill

A woman filed a complaint with police about 7 p.m. Sept. 10 after she said a collection agency contacted her about a delinquent $1,000 cable bill. She told police she did not have an account with the cable company at her house, in the 14300 block of Hamilton, and the services the family had was in her husband’s name.

The woman contacted the cable company, police said, and was told the account was registered to an address in Detroit. Police said the person opened the account with her Social Security number and phone number. The name of the individual was not released and police are investigating the situation.

Car theft attempted
Officers were called to the Pembrooke Apartments, in the 15000 block of Brookview Drive, about 10:15 a.m. Sept. 12 after a couple discovered someone tried to steal their vehicle from the parking lot near their apartment. The couple told police they discovered the damage to the ignition about 10 a.m.

Police said the ignition was popped out from the steering column and was lying on the floor of the vehicle. There also was damage to the driver’s side door handle, they said, and the door appeared to have been pried open.

The couple said the vehicle would not lock or close correctly. The vehicle was locked the previous night and no other evidence could be found near the vehicle. There were no suspects or witnesses available at the time of report.

Pistol, loose change taken from vehicle

A handgun, loose change and a garage door opener were reported stolen from a vehicle in the 350 block of Clinton about 12:20 p.m. Sept. 22. The victim possess a license for the handgun, police said, and was advised not to leave any firearm in a vehicle.

Police could not confirm if the vehicle was locked at the time of the theft. The handgun was entered as stolen into the Law Enforcement Information Network. There were no witnesses or suspects at the time of the report.

(Compiled by Gabriel Goodwin, James Mitchell and Bob Oliver.)