Car stolen from Lincoln Park; Wyandotte police led on chase

Sunday Times Newspapers

WYANDOTTE — A 34-year-old Lincoln Park man led police on a high speed chase in a stolen vehicle early Monday morning.

The vehicle was reported stolen in Lincoln Park sometime during the night, but officers observed the vehicle traveling west on Goddard Avenue about 3:50 a.m. Police said they followed the vehicle as it crossed Fort Street and pulled into a gas station.

As police pulled behind the vehicle, the driver tried to speed off and hit a steel propane storage tank, which knocked the tanks around the gas station lot. Police said the vehicle made its way onto Goddard Avenue and began to travel at a high rate of speed.

Officers began to pursue the vehicle west on Goddard toward Fordline, then proceeded north on Fordline to St. Johns, turned east on St. Johns toward Dix, and then north on Dix toward Ford Boulevard.

The suspect continued west on Ford Boulevard toward Fordline until the driver stopped the vehicle at Fordline and St. Johns to let the passenger get out of the vehicle.

Police were unable to stop the vehicle before he began to drive west on St. Johns then drove through a field. The vehicle turned around and traveled east on St. Johns toward Dix and turned south on Dix, then went west on Goddard toward Pardee Road.

Police followed the vehicle north on Pardee toward Wick before the vehicle went east on Wick and drove to the dead end on Wick. The driver went around some apartments and ended up back on Wick before he struck a Taylor police vehicle at Pelham and Wick.

The suspect was eventually forced into a dead end parking lot in the Longtin Dix apartments, 4067 Agnes, in Lincoln Park.

The driver jumped out of the moving vehicle, which rolled into a parked vehicle, before he ran into the South Branch Ecorse River creek bed. The Wyandotte police officer chased the man on foot through the creek bed and back out into the apartment complex parking lot.

Police said they yelled for the man to stop many times before he was tackled by a Lincoln Park officer near the apartment’s entrance. The man continued to resist arrest and attempted to kick at officers, police said, before he was finally electronically dubdued by a Wyandotte police officer.

The officer said the Taser had little to no effect on the man because he continued to struggle with officers. The man was sprayed with a self-defense aerosol and finally complied with officers.

Police said the driver reached speeds over 100 mph in 35 mph zones and proceeded over 80 mph in residential zones throughout the chase. The man was also said to disregarded all traffic control devices.

A Law Enforcement Information Network check into the status of the driver’s history revealed he was ineligible to drive due to an expired license, seven suspensions for failure to appear, five denied or revoked suspensions, and three drinking and driving offenses.

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