1. GEOGRAPHY: The Khyber Pass connects which two nations?
2. FOOD & DRINK: What kind of food is a nectarine?
3. MUSIC: In what Rod Stewart song does he say he “really should be back at school”?
4. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What kind of animal also is known as a “gnu”?
5. HISTORY: When did the Cuban Missile Crisis occur?
6. LANGUAGE: What is meant by the term “lingua franca”?
7. ANATOMY: Where is the uvula in the human body?
8. FAMOUS QUOTATIONS: What comedian observed, “Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time”?
9. LITERATURE: Which poet’s 1928 book was titled “Good Morning, America”?
10. U.S. PRESIDENTS: Which president’s face is on the $100,000 bill?

1. Afghanistan and Pakistan
2. Peach
3. “Maggie May”
4. Wildebeest
5. October, 1962
6. Common language
7. Suspended from the soft palate
8. Steven Wright
9. Carl Sandburg
10. Woodrow Wilson’s

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