Teachers brought back to address class size

Sunday Times Newspapers

TAYLOR — The anticipated increase in class sizes after absorbing nearly 300 students from Inkster was addressed by Taylor School District’s Board of Education, which approved on Monday the rehiring of 15 teachers that had been let go earlier this year.

The staffing ups and downs have been reflective of the district’s struggles. In January staff had been reduced in an effort to reduce an estimated $9 million budget deficit. The district embarked on a three-year debt-elimination plan that included layoffs and a 10 percent pay cut.

That budget, however, had not accounted for the district being one of four that accepted the student population of Inkster Public Schools, a summer break development that gave Taylor limited time to prepare for the 2013-14 academic year. Transportation issues and logistics and staffing were coordinated in the weeks leading up to the first day of school.

School Supt. Diane Allen said that only after the year began could the district determine how many teachers would be needed, and a proposal was put to the board of education Monday for approval.

Final numbers remain to be seen, but classes had swelled to 35 or more students or higher in some cases, which Allen had said was unacceptable to administrators, teachers and parents. Allen said administrators had to wait until the year began and final enrollments had been completed before being able to determine where — and how many — additional teachers were needed.

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