Residents recognized for crime prevention efforts

Photo courtesy of Dearborn Police Department
Dearborn residents Douglas Berry (center) and his son, Patrick (left), receive a plaque from Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad for their effort in helping the DPD capture a man who had broken into the police parking lot with a rifle. Berry and his son were at the Dearborn Amtrak station when they witnessed the man acting suspiciously and notified the police, who arrested the man without incident.

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DEARBORN — Two residents were recognized for their efforts in helping the Police Department thwart crime in the city.

Douglas Berry and Ahmed Adam were given Civilian Commendations for their help in apprehending three suspects in two separate incidents in the city.

Berry was at the Dearborn Amtrak station, behind the Dearborn Police Station and 19th District Courthouse, with his autistic son, Patrick, on Sept. 7. Berry said that he took his son there because he loves trains.

While they were in front of the station Berry observed a man circling the police parking lot suspiciously and then getting out of his vehicle and peering through the locked gate. The lot is connected to the police station on the west side of the building and is locked unless police vehicles are entering or exiting.

Berry then watched the man open his trunk, pull a long object out of it and approach the fence. The man then crawled under the gate and walked toward the parked vehicles.

Berry then called 911.

Officers responded to the area and found the man under a police vehicle with the package nearby. They apprehended the man without incident.

They then searched the package, which was a Winchester .30-30 caliber rifle concealed in a green shirt. The rifle was loaded.

The man, a 50-year-old Inkster resident, was arrested and transported to Oakwood Hospital and Medical Center for psychiatric evaluation.

Police Chief Ronald Haddad said that by quickly notifying police about the man’s presence in the lot, Berry helped “avert a tragedy.”

Haddad added that Barry intended to “shoot at police until he was shot.”

Adam called police after witnessing two armed men attempting to rob someone near his house about 9:30 p.m. Sept. 7.

Adam said the two men ran up to the victim as he was walking from his vehicle to his front porch. One man held a gun to the victim’s head while the other went through his pockets.

When the victim tried to fight back against men, he was struck in the head by the weapon.

Adam followed the perpetrators in his car while providing a description of them to the police.

Police officers responded within minutes and found two suspects matching the descriptions given by Adam two blocks from the crime scene. The suspects were arrested and have been arraigned on attempted armed robbery charges.

Haddad commended both Berry and Adam and their assistance to police.

“This is a shining example of how citizens make our community better,” Haddad said.

Mayor John O’Reilly Jr. also thanked the citizens for informing the police of suspicious activity quickly.

“Dearborn is proud of its crime prevention partnerships between residents and police,” O’Reilly said. “We thank these citizens for speaking up.”

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Photo courtesy of Dearborn Police Department
Ahmed Adam (left) of Dearborn receives a plaque from Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad for his effort in helping the DPD capture two suspects wanted for an attempted armed robbery near his house. Adams witnessed the incident and followed the perpetrators in his car while notifying the police, who responded and arrested the suspects two blocks from the crime scene.