Man admits to falsifying police report

Sunday Times Newspapers

WYANDOTTE — A day after making a police report about being robbed at gunpoint by two men, a man recanted his story and told police he made the incident up.

The man filed the police report Sept. 5 and detectives contacted the man for a followup interview the next day, Police Chief Daniel Grant said, when the man’s story began to change. Grant said the detectives noticed changes and questioned the man about them before he finally told them he made up the story.

Grant said the man made up the fake robbery in an attempt to recover in some way the money he lost, and filed the report. Grant said the man admitted to detectives that “he really did not think the idea through.”

Police did not release how the man lost the money, but confirmed they are pursuing a warrant for the man’s arrest for making the false police report.

“Sometimes when we are dealing with a non-violent crime, the execution of a warrant could take a few days,” Grant said. “So, I cannot confirm when the warrant will be executed, but the paperwork has been filed.”

The man originally said he was walking home from a store in the 1100 block of Fort Street when a black sedan pulled in front of him on 21st Street. He said the passenger got out, aimed a semi-automatic pistol at him, and demanded he hand over his money around 6:30 p.m.

He told police he gave the gunman $1,043 out of fear, and saw the sedan drive north on 21st Street, then east onto Goddard.

The store’s manager confirmed the man entered the store and made two purchases, but said there was no one who matched the description the man gave police or seemed like they were targeting the man at the store during that time frame.

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