1. LANGUAGE: What does the phrase “entre nous” mean?
2. TELEVISION: What was the name of “The Flintstones” family pet?
3. AD SLOGANS: What product uses the advertising slogan, “How do you spell relief?”
4. MYTHOLOGY: Who was the Greek goddess of the hearth and home?
5. GEOGRAPHY: In which city would you find the famous Trevi Fountain?
6. MUSIC: Which recording artist had a 1970s hit with the song “Crocodile Rock”?
7. LITERATURE: What was Dorothy Parker’s pseudonym?
8. MOVIES: Which blockbuster movie featured the character Jack Dawson?
9. CHEMISTRY: What is the Periodic Table symbol for silver?
10. COMICS: What is the name of the military base where Beetle Bailey and his friends reside?

1. Privately, between us
2. Dino
3. Rolaids
4. Hestia
5. Rome
6. Elton John
7. Constant Reader
8. “Titanic” (Leonardo DiCaprio)
9. Ag (argentum)
10. Camp Swampy

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