Darin Brooks stars as “Wyatt” on “The Bold and The Beautiful.”

Rick had surprising empathy for Liam’s indecisiveness between Hope and Steffy. Meanwhile, Wyatt hoped that his business arrangement with Hope would give him the advantage in winning her heart. Brooke went behind Bill’s back to try to repair his relationship with his son Wyatt. Katie found a new ally in Quinn. Caroline warned Bill what a bleak future he had with Brooke. Liam tried to move up his wedding date with Hope so that he wouldn’t lose her to Wyatt. Bill was infuriated after Katie announced her plans for her and their son. Carter went out of his way to try to woo Maya. Bill and Wyatt mended fences. Wait to See: Quinn focuses on business.

Kristen asked Daniel for a referral to a fertility specialist. Rafe’s testimony did more harm than good to Sami’s case. Maggie wondered if Nick was still in love with Gabi. Cameron urged Chad to tell his loved ones about his disease. Nicole overheard an incriminating conversation between Kristen and Stefano. Marlena suggested to Eric that he undergo hypnosis in order to regain his memory. JJ and Jennifer had it out after he threatened to move out. Theresa pulled off a fast scam to get some extra cash. Nicole had to think on her feet after Kristen caught Marlena red-handed. Justin was relentless in his cross-examination of Marge on the stand. Wait to See: Sami’s fate is decided.

Sonny continued his downward spiral, especially after he heard that AJ pled not guilty to Connie’s murder. Dante and Lulu introduced Sonny to his granddaughter. AJ admitted to Monica that he blacked out and doesn’t remember if he killed Connie. Britt feared that she was going to be a bad mother like the one who raised her. Patrick told Sabrina that he loved her. Monica was asked to step down as chief of staff at the hospital. Danny remained in isolation after his bone marrow transplant. Sam remembered her good and bad times with Jason. Ava confessed to Sonny that she felt guilty for not stopping Connie’s murder — at the hands of AJ. Alexis revealed that Sam’s biological father was a hit man. Wait to See: A strange visitor asks questions about Sabrina.

Jack decided to give Summer some space. Adam confronted Chelsea about her baby’s paternity after hearing that they shared the same hereditary condition. Lily and Cane staged a fight in front of Hilary. Later, Hilary shocked Cane with a kiss, which was later exposed by the secret blogger. Sharon made Nick feel guilty by telling him that their daughter didn’t approve of him marrying another woman. Adam demanded a DNA test and threatened to sue for custody of Connor. Nikki told Paul a shocking secret about her past. Jill was unsettled by Katherine’s final wishes. Hilary plotted to get even with Cane and Lily after she figured out their scheme. Wait to See: Paul makes an important discovery.

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