Cookoff approved after city sets special event permit guidelines

Sunday Times Newspapers

WYANDOTTE — A special event proposal that received conditional approval got the official go-ahead Monday, after the council detailed the guidelines for requesting special event permits moving forward.

All requests for special-event permits should have been and are now directed to Heather Thiede, who is the special events coordinator. The requests require a detailed plan for the setup and any road closures necessary for the event.

Theide said she considers the request then forwards it to the Engineering and Building Department and the Department of Public Safety for their approval. After the event request has been approved by the respective departments, it is presented to the council for the final approval.

Mark Srour’s proposal for the Fourth Annual Cook-off Sept. 22 at Belicoso Cafe, 3030 Biddle Ave. was met with some opposition Aug. 26. Gail Meltzer, director of operations for Treasure Alley, 3016 1st St., took her concerns to the council about how the proposed street closure would affect her business.

Meltzer’s concerns were about the delayed removal of event decorations and barricades that blocked 1st Street in the past. She told the council she did not object to any business hosting a special events, but the length of time the street is closed after events, is unfair to her because she has lost business.

Her concerns focused on the need for the council to reconsider the way businesses apply for special event permits.

“I never had an issue with the events.” she said. “I personally enjoy them. I just needed clarification about the space issue.”

Srour and Meltzer have come to an agreement since then, which was presented to the council. It stated Friday night events will not be set up before 3 p.m., events on Saturdays and Sundays should be set up and taken down that day, and there will be no decorations or barricades within 20 feet of the front of Meltzer’s business. Srour also agreed to pay any overtime costs for city employees involved in moving the mobile stage or any road closure for the event.

“This is an agreement that we all can follow in the future for any event that takes place on ‘stage’ streets that would hinder or effect any business,” Theide said.

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