8 arrested, 5 charged after police raid house for drugs

Sunday Times Newspapers

TAYLOR — A search warrant executed by police with the assistance of SWAT officers Aug. 28 resulted in multiple arrests and numerous drug charges.

Police Detective Sgt. Troy Cox said officers received several tips regarding a house in the 24000 block of Eureka.

“The department had several tips,” Cox said. “Drug trafficking coming in and out, known felons coming in and out. We were able to obtain a search warrant.”

Cox also knew that the Downriver SWAT team was in-training, and the warrants were executed about 1:30 p.m. Aug. 28.

“We used SWAT to hit the door,” Cox said.

Flash explosions were heard and seen. Neighbors watched as the house was soon flooded with police and suspects. Officers searched the grounds and yard, and investigators spoke with neighbors.

Cox said narcotics and a long gun were found, eight arrests were made — four adults and a juvenile were charged — and investigation of the house and occupants continues.

“We’re still dealing with the house,” Cox said.

The residence has since been boarded up and declared unlivable by the city; it was believed the suspects taken into custody had been squatting on the premises. Neighbors told police that adults and children had taken up residence. The address reportedly had been suspected as a drug house and prostitution base.

Two adults — Rashmia Courtney, 23, and James Broaden, 46 — pleaded guilty on Tuesday before 23rd District Court Judge William Sutherland to loitering near a place where illegal substances were kept. Both were sentenced to 14 days in jail.

Deandre Jeminson, 25, pleaded guilty Tuesday to possession of a controlled substance, a misdemeanor, and is scheduled for sentencing next month. Shirley Walker, 30, was scheduled for a pretrial conference next month on charges of loitering where illegal substances are used and kept, a misdemeanor.

An 18-year-old woman and a 17-year-old man also were arrested, but no charges were filed and the 17-year-old was cited under juvenile ordinance.

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