1. MYTHOLOGY: A satyr is a mythical creature that is half man and half what?
2. MILITARY: What is a dreadnought?
3. FAMOUS QUOTATIONS: What famous actor once said, “Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious”?
4. PSYCHOLOGY: What fear is represented by the condition called gamophobia?
5. LANGUAGE: What does the Latin prefix “ambi” mean?
6. GEOGRAPHY: Where is Denali National Park?
7. TELEVISION: Who was the first female guest host of “Saturday Night Live”?
8. ENTERTAINERS: What was the name of ventriloquist Edgar Bergen’s most famous puppet?
9. HISTORY: What land did Alexander the Great rule as king?
10. MUSIC: Which rock group recorded the hit “Walk This Way”?

1. Goat or horse
2. A heavily armored battleship
3. Peter Ustinov
4. Fear of marriage
5. Both
6. Alaska
7. Candace Bergen
8. Charlie McCarthy
9. Macedonia
10. Aerosmith

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