Man arrested for disorderly conduct

Sunday Times Newspapers

WYANDOTTE — A verbal agreement with friends left one man in handcuffs after he was found by police stumbling around the porch of a house in the 2200-block of 15th Street at 6:21 a.m. August 21.

The 911 call was made for the police and fire departments after a resident heard someone banging loudly on the front door and windows of his house.

The resident told police he believed someone was trying to break into the house and went to the front door, where he saw a man standing on the porch yelling that he was just in a fight and did not know where he was.

The resident believed the man was highly intoxicated and in need of medical assistance. Firefighters arrived on the scene and offered assistance, police said, but the man refused. Police gave the man a preliminary breath test, which came back at a level of .173 blood alcohol content.

When police officers asked the man where he came from, the man said he was not sure, but told police he was riding in a friend’s vehicle when they got into an argument, he got out, and ran from the vehicle. He said he took a few items from the vehicle and had to jump over a fence and run through backyards to get away.

He was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and searched. Police found two pairs of boys’ underwear, a pack of facial tissue, an oral medicine dispenser, and an epipen. The items, police said, matched a description of an earlier reported theft in the 2300-block of 15th Street.

The victim of the theft reported similar items were taken from a diaper bag inside her vehicle parked in front of her home. The victim said the doors may have been unlocked, but she discovered the passenger door of the vehicle was left open after the unknown person took the items from the vehicle.

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